When will Valve send the Steam Deck Q3 booking emails?

The Steam Deck portable PC stands slightly upright in a dark blue and black void.

A photo: Valve

For those of you who have longed (… or jealously) watched the lucky few play with their quirky, new Steam decksWell, I have good news. Valve has announced that it will start sending Q3 Steam Deck reservation emails this week. In addition, it has also confirmed that it actually increases the shipment of devices, so if you ordered one of them, it may be delivered earlier than originally expected.

Earlier today on TwitterValve has confirmed that it has sent out the final Steam Q2 deck reservation emails, and revealed that the company plans to begin sending Q3 emails on June 30th. For potential deck buyers who have been patiently waiting, Valve explained that production of portable PCs increasedso that in the third quarter, he will be able to ship twice as many Steam decks per week to customers.

Long story short, a whole bunch of people are likely to get the Steam deck in the mail in the next few weeks, though it probably won’t. Delivered to them by Gabe Newell from Valve.

In case you’re wondering what all the e-mail hype is about, when Valve announced its Steam Deck last year, it knew the demand for a portable PC gaming machine would far outstrip its immediate ability to manufacture them. So he created a booking system in which people could pay a $5 registration fee to Valve to be added to the queue. Then, when Valve made the devices, it could send one of those in-demand emails to people in line to see if they wanted to make a purchase.

Remember, once you receive an email, you only have three days to request a Steam Reserved Deck. Well, about three days. Valve tweeted that people who missed the email can contact support for a possible extension as there is a grace period. unknown length. However, I would suggest keeping an eye on this email if you really want a Steam Deck as we don’t know how long the grace period lasts.

For people like me in the Post-Q3 camp, this is bittersweet news. I’m glad that Valve is ramping up the production and supply of devices, and I’m also glad that people are getting them. But in the meantime, my fiancĂ©e keeps asking me about the Steam Deck, and I keep sharing not so good news. At least today I can share a little better than bad!

Oh, and if you get a Steam deck soon, be careful with modding it. Valve warns you can damage your device doing things like inserting a larger SSD, which could conceivably shorten the deck’s overall lifespan.

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