Unofficial Super Mario Odyssey mod adds 10-player multiplayer

Super Mario Odyssey Mod

Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch? This is a 1.5 player co-op game (it’s not true co-op, no one wants to be in charge). This modified version Super Mario Odyssey? Well it’s a 10 player game so it’s more like Super Mario Multiverse.

Mod (via Kotaku Australia), on CraftyBosscalled Super Mario Odyssey online multiplayer game, and is now missing. His trailer makes him look like absolute chaos:

Ten Marios! The original game is absolutely not designed for ten Marios. Even two Marios will insist on it. But such a mod is not the place to discuss what must be, just Can to be. And what can be done here is not just a bunch of Marios on the screen at once, but a collection of moons and synchronization of costumes between players:

Have fun exploring kingdoms with friends, playing game modes, or beating the game as fast as you can! This mod is still in the early stages of development, so expect bugs and unfinished aspects as we work hard to improve it and make it as perfect as possible. Functions:

– Explore kingdoms with up to 10 people

– Almost every capture in the game is synced between players

– Full synchronization of 2D models and costumes

– Moon Collection is shared between all players

– Custom configuration menu (accessible by holding ZL and selecting any option in the pause/start menu)

– Support for custom game modes (WIP).

It all sounds amazing and fun until you remember that as a modded Switch game, you’ll need to jump through hoops to make it work. As Kotaku Australia reportin this case it means “Unfortunately, the problem is that everyone who plays will need to use a modified Nintendo Switch as well as a Super Mario Odyssey ROM.”

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