TwitchCon 2022 somehow has no vaccine, testing, or mask rules


TwitchCon will take place in San Diego from October 7th to 9th.and if you had any thoughts about attending, know that the organizers are assuming that we are living in 2019, not 2022, and that you are going to take your personal safety into your own hands.

In the “Health Measures” section of the show’s website (spotted by Zach Bussy), the organizers state that “TwitchCon San Diego will be presented in accordance with applicable public health and safety regulations as of the date of the event,” meaning that “health and safety measures for our event may change at any time, as determined by federal or local government, venue, and/or Twitch.”

However, at the time of publication, these measures are practically non-existent. Participants will not need to be vaccinated, will not need to show test results, and will not even need to wear a mask:

Together with local authorities, we are constantly reviewing our health and safety regulations. There will be no vaccination or testing requirements for COVID-19 at TwitchCon San Diego in accordance with current local regulations. While masks are encouraged, they are currently not required to attend TwitchCon. Please make sure you are satisfied with our current health and safety measures before purchasing a ticket to TwitchCon.

This pandemic is not over! California registers 50,000 new cases a day (as of this week) and recent Comic-Con showed that these major events are still contributing to the spread of Covid, even star panelists like George R.R. Martin return from the show with a positive test. With vaccinations at the level they are and people who just want to get through the pandemic, you can understand a little relaxation of restrictions, if only for the performance to take place at all, but to refuse all of them? It’s very badass.

Especially when the TwitchCon line is “well, there are no rules in San Diego, so we won’t have any” when Comic-Con – a much bigger event – has just passed. in the same place in the same cityand its organizers demanded not only the wearing of masks, but also proof of vaccination (or recent negative test).

When Twitch says that “the health and safety measures for our event could change at any time,” let’s hope that happens very soon, otherwise attending sure sounds like a risky idea.

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