Twitch streamer banned a month after threats and flashing a gun

Twitch streamer showing a gun.

Screenshot: Twitch/JTX_Live/G5_Sin/Kotaku

G5_Sin, and Twitch streamer with just over six thousand followers grimaced and showed their weapons to the camera.

“I’m going to fly this motherfucker to New York, to Manhattan,” he said earlier in a stream about JTX_live. medium size streamer based in the United Kingdom who made a little video criticizing G5 and its approach to the development of its platform. “There are no police here. […] If I fly with this dude to Manhattan […] and I take him out into the alley, you think these cops don’t care if I beat the crap out of him?”

Mister Beast officially more popular than local news, and because of him and others like him who made their fortune in the calm waters of the hot tub, “streamer” is now considered a real career path. But some relatively new streamers need help. They use exploitative labels such as “support for support,” which includes asking even smaller streamers to watch their videos and inflate their numbers in a tit-for-tat deal that may never work. G5 is one such streamer to support it, and JTX has been open about their opposition to this strategy in their videos.

The G5 did not take the criticism well. In his menacing stream, he seriously compares himself to a “rap star” and clearly states his intentions, “JTX, I’ll beat you like that, your mother will cry, bro. If you don’t have a mother… bastard, I don’t care. I’ll make your next of kin cry.

Naturally, due to the overt threats and overtly violent images displayed in this stream, which aired in June, a surprised and worried JTX reported the G5 to Twitch.

“I’m more concerned that he can seriously intimidate others so much that they leave the platform or fear for their lives,” JTX told me in a DM. “To report such things to people is to be thick-skinned, and, unfortunately, the threat comes with the territory. I won’t be changing my trip to the US later this year, but I’m more careful about who has my address now.”

But despite his well-founded fears and public proof that G5 violated Twitch rules. Terms of Service (no insults, no threats), Twitch remained completely silent. Twitch played a casual supporting role in one of the the worst mass shootings in US history, but still has no official stance against guns on its platform. However, he opposes simulation game Second Lifewhere anime skin sometimes flashes.

Meanwhile, the G5 had a whole month to soak in the rays of the sun of their “haters”, On July 26, they tweeted that the gun was not actually wanted to scare someone.

Same day a bigger streamer bjess surprised out loud on twitter, asking “how does he still have the platform” and this afternoon G5’s Twitch account suddenly disappeared. Twitch did not respond to requests for comment in time for posting.

“A person can apologize so many times before regret turns into anger.” G5 tweeted around the same time, his Twitch page was taken down. Ideally, you won’t need much more anger on Twitch to get serious about moderating your content.

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