Top MultiVersus players dominate with Bugs Bunny who is OP

Bugs Bunny stands on an orange background and eats a carrot.

Image: WB Games / Kotaku

In a game with real superheroes like Wonder Woman and Supermanyou may be surprised to find that one of the best fighters in MultiVersus it is actually a cartoon rabbit that is quite smelly. Yes, Bugs Bunny is one of the strongest and most popular characters in the game, but that may change after he gets nerfed in the near future.

Newly released free game smashfighter multiversus now a little moment. This is one of the most popular games on Steam, it is currently the most played deck game on Steam., and a community of players is rapidly forming around the dynamic cartoon action. But like any new competitive video game, there are questions and debates about balancing and nerfs. And for many, including the game’s developers, Bugs Bunny is at the top of the “Characters to be nerfed” list.

Bugs currently dominate 2v2 in multiversus. If you look at the leaderboards and the top players in 2v2, you will quickly notice that they are almost I always play Bugs Bunny. And in most matches, they take on other players who also pick Bugs Bunny. Online, players shared their surprise at how good bugs bunny compared to other characters.

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“I played Bugs the fucking Bunny in multiversus for all 20 minutes, and I have changed, ” tweeted by one player. This character is unreal. What I was doing fooling around with Taz and the Iron Giant. I can just have everything.”

To really show how damn powerful the animated bunny is. multiversus, just look at how many wins the world’s best 2v2 player, KoboldHeart, has with Bugs. At the time of this writing Kobold is on a 20-match winning streak with Bugs. and won over 50 matches with the character in the last few days.

Why Bugs dominates this mode seems to come down to how versatile he is, with a solid and easy-to-use mix of melee and ranged attacks. Interestingly, despite being dominant in 2v2, it is much less used by top 1v1 players.

Player First Games developers know how bad bugs can be in 2v2 games and working on some nerfs for the rabbit. The plan is to release these changes after this weekend’s EVO is complete so as not to spoil the current meta where players have been practicing right before a major tournament. While Bugs will be taken down by one or two pegs, the developers promise that he will still be “fun” to play with after the nerfs. Just maybe not that important in 2v2.

Meanwhile, in other multiversus news, start of the first season of the game was postponed. Developers say it has nothing to do With the recent firestorm of cancellations at Warner Bros.. In the meantime, the game’s current preseason…season will be extended by a week, ending on August 15th.

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