“Three Hopes” is a great sequel to “Three Houses”

Edelgard addresses the crowd of soldiers.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Despite the public cynicism about musou games that seem like a simple hack-and-slash fest against armies of faceless enemies on chaotic battlefields, I’ve long felt that this style of play could bring out Fire EmblemThe best military simulation potential. Two months ago I wrote about how Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes actually it can be very good. I played the demo over the weekend and am happy to prove my point. While there are some hiccups in the early game, three hopes it’s a refreshing and original entry that this 32-year-old series so badly needed.

three hopesThe main story takes place in an alternate 2019 timeline. Three Houses– the most recent game in the main series – but its gameplay is based on Fire Emblem Warriors2017 title that first crossed Fire Emblem with excessive musou action. Instead of maneuvering your units one turn at a time like in a convoluted game of chess, you’re thrown into a real-time battle that requires you to hack and slash your way through hordes of enemies, capture ever-changing forts, and complete escort quests. But despite the fact that you may be shown gameplay trailers, three hopes much more dedicated to strategy than the original Warriors.

Each character has a special personal ability that helps define their niche on the roster. For example, when I attacked enemies with Hubert, I realized that he would inflict shadow wounds on his enemies. By pulling the right trigger, I could make those wounds explode, dealing additional damage. The protagonist’s special ability allows them to dash forward, and Bernadette’s ability creates a small field that increases her critical strike chance.

They are slightly different from the first Warriors a game that had abilities that basically messed around with damage numbers. three hopes has personal skills that actually change how the characters play. Special weapons add additional customizable bonuses to each character’s attacks rather than just having higher base damage as in Warriors. For example, the rare Venin Ax can poison enemies that weren’t hit by your first hit. The ability to trade unique weapons added another strategic layer to my pre-battle planning.

Dorothea bombards enemy soldiers with fire.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Despite the more thoughtful gameplay design, I was a bit taken aback by what the game was trying to be. It’s a fairly strategic decision for those involved in extensive war planning (not using item pots will result in a less than ideal playthrough), but it also took away the focus on capturing forts. In fact, I cleared the maps without capturing a single fort. When I did try to rein in all my enemies, I was punished with an A (rather than a top S) for taking too long. I think there is still a lot of room for the full version three hopes to change my mind about how balanced the game is. The demo seems to soften much of the genre’s ‘breaker’. Filling up special power bars is a lot harder, and potion drops are much rarer than I remember from the start. Warriors the game.

But enough about strategy! You are probably reading this blog because you have played the more popular three houses tactical RPG and you want to know if three hopes is a worthy sequel to this record-breaking strategy simulator. Obviously I can’t say much about the story itself because the full game won’t release until June 24th. But while it has a well-developed vast world, which made me fall in love with the Fodlan continent in three houses. I was talking to a regular NPC at my military camp and she told me a story that hinted at some sort of shady power dynamic within the church. That’s good shit that made Three Houses standout in a series known for its storytelling and I’m thrilled to see more when the full game comes out.

What I’ve always liked Three Houses how fully the authors are fully committed to what-if scenarios in different time frames, and three hopes continues this tradition. I won’t spoil anything, but I was very pleased with how the story tries to explore plot scenarios that could never have happened in the first game. do you know how three houses protagonist Baylet was heartless trying to kill your character in three hopes trailer? Finally, I managed to play with the right context, and the scene did not seem out of place at all. I began to think: it is not enough to know the kindness of the character. To truly understand a character, you also need to be familiar with their brutality. As well as three hopes simultaneously idealistic and brutal, which can only be a non-linear video game.

If this is going to be your first game with the F√≥dlan set, then I would suggest playing Three Houses the first. three hopesThe plot moves much faster and assumes prior knowledge of the previous adventure. And that’s exactly what I want from a sequel to one of my favorites. Fire Emblem games.

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