This Killer Immersive Sim survives the classic loot of the genre

Error 22, a red robot, hovers in the middle of the room, next to the door to Legacy Systems.

Screenshot: MindThunk / Kotaku

Imagine if I told you that there is a new immersive sim – think Mining, disgracedetc., but made by a team of only two people.. And then imagine that I told you what it was really damn good. Now stop imagining, because it’s real, obviously. If it wasn’t, it would be a strange introduction. Ctrl Alt Ego is a computer game about being a free ego, being able to jump between different electronic devices aboard a huge space station, and it consumed my week.

LATEST Ctrl Alt Ego official trailer

I want the elephant in the room to be recognized as early as possible so we can get on with what’s important: no, this game isn’t Watch Pretty. Its graphics are functional, rarely attractive, and no screenshot will sell the game. But it’s important for about thirteen seconds, and then you continue to enjoy the game itself. And it’s a fucking game.

You are, as I said, some incorporeal being capable of jumping between certain electronic devices on the space station. This includes a vast array of stationary items, from CAT comm cabinets and wall monitors to CCTV cameras and destructive surveillance DAD bots. But most importantly, there are also a bunch of mobile robots aboard the ship, the most important of which is called Beetle 22.


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Beetle 22 is your constant companion (or vehicle) throughout the game, it can be “printed” at any number of printing stations, and the number of its abilities is constantly increasing as you progress. The range of these abilities is extraordinary, they can be unlocked in any order of your choice, and they completely change the way you approach the game. You can immediately give Bug a weapon and take a much more aggressive approach to bypass the station’s irate guards. Or you can choose the ability to levitate and thus reach impossible passages and materials. Or you can choose Shift and get some kind of telekinetic ability to move objects. Or could you…

It is absolutely incredible how different almost every situation in Ctrl Alt Ego can get closer based on the skills you’ve unlocked and really just your personal tastes. The game is meant to be experimental, and methods that could break the game have most likely been considered and considered. it means you have Mining-like the freedom to improvise, and the incredible satisfaction of discovering that your crazy approach can work!

Screenshot from Ctrl Alt Ego showing DAD, a sentry bot that can dematerialize other objects.

Screenshot: MindThunk / Kotaku

This is all the more interesting because of the way you not Mistake 22 – It’s just a useful vehicle, but it can also be completely abandoned for a long time, when you jump between other mobile bots like bugs, waste a resource called Ego to capture defensive bots like DAD, and later mobile killing machines called MUMs and explore vast areas by simply jumping through your mind.

There’s a LOT of detail here, every car you can own offers unique messages, all sorts of stories pouring from anyone who talks to you through CAT cabinets, piles of objectives to complete in each of the vast sections of the game in any order you choose. . , improvise in any way, and all this with a phenomenal degree of freedom.

It’s amazing that something so free, so open, is the work of two people. I have a couple of times I managed to break it with some outlandish action, but most of the time I was just glad to know that my stupid plan worked. It also offers the most important element of an immersive simulation: the moment when a great plan falls apart and you struggle to survive. It’s a joy that Ctrl Alt Ego It’s rare that I feel like rebooting at these moments, but instead I try to improvise to get myself out of a sudden and overwhelming traffic jam.

There is So many elements that I want to tell you about, little details that struck me, discoveries about how to get out of situations, even basic game elements, but I have to discover them all for myself, and you must too. It’s a great game to just dive into, deliberately opaque at the start as you explore its systems yourself.

Ctrl Alt Ego has computers that you can interact with, much like Prey.

Screenshot: MindThunk / Kotaku

it’s the same huge a game of at least 20 whole hours, constantly expanding and becoming more and more interesting. I haven’t finished it yet and can’t wait to see what it has to offer in its final hours. It’s surprisingly good, and importantly, it would still be considered remarkably good if a team of 30 people worked on it. To be honest, if Arkane does not immediately give its creators a job, then I do not understand how the universe works.

It’s already on my GOTY list and I desperately hope it can break through, grab wider attention, and not be unfairly held back by its more primitive graphics. You will be amazed. And for only twenty bucks along with many hours of demonstrationYou can also try!

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