The Incredible Mario Kart Story: Double Dash Shortcuts

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Image: Nintendo / Kotaku

When Mario Kart: Double Dash was released back in 2003 and became the main cut of one of the game tracks – Waluigi Stadium –was discovered almost instantly. The next label will not be recorded until 2018.

this is eternity back in the video game/speedrunning years and there’s a hell of a story behind it, that’s why Summoning Salt made a 41-minute video of the entire test..

As explained earlier in the video below, Mario Kart games have a long history of breaking! At least when it comes to still speedy. They are great for us play carelessly and we won’t notice anythingbut most of them have huge loopholes in the code that allow a speed walk players do everything from clipping inside their cards to making quick strikes near finish line to record incredible time.

However, throughout all these studies and exploitation, almost from the day of release, the game stood above the others, seemingly immune to any attempt to cut corners: Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Although the only shortcut was discovered very early, it remained the only shortcut the player could find more decade. The reason, in my opinion, is what makes this story so incredible; there are impressive feats of hole-collecting speedrunners herecertainlybut the Nintendo development team also deserves credit for a hell of a job protecting this game from exploitation, coding each track with a series of rules and conditions which meant it took until 2018 for the player to find a way to crack them..

Here I should point out that the definition of “label” used in this video is does not mean the obvious, deliberate ones that Nintendo always litters its tracks with. Instead, it means an unintended shortcut based on an oversight or exploitation of the code to save a lot of time.

Something that, as you will see in the video belowrequired serious work on the part of players such as GumbaNL. But once the first domino fell in 2018 with some acceleration on the Mushroom Bridge, it was only a matter of time before shortcuts were opened on other tracks, from Bowser’s Castle to Mushroom City.

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