The creators gave a real sword to Elden Ring “Let Me Solo Her”

Let Me Solo Her stands naked after another win.

Screenshot: FromSoftware / Klein Tsuboi / Kotaku

Elden Ring took the world by storm earlier this year, but out of millions of players, one has risen above the rest: Klein Tsuboi, aka Let Me Solo Her. With nothing but a pair of katana and a pot on his head, he helped other players thousands of times to kill one of the most difficult bosses in the game. Now Bandai Namco has finally sent him an official gift box with a personal thank you note and a real sword.

“It’s Here” Tsuboi tweeted Thursday, along with photos of the package he received. Thank you Bandai Namco and Elden Ring for giving me this gift and congratulating me on being #LetMeSoloHer.”

In addition to the sword and personal note, there was a cloak similar to the one Melina wears, and some other trinkets. The packaging is similar Wheel of Time written by Brandon Sanderson received at the beginning of this year after detailed praise for the game, and while not unique, it does include a literal sword.

Tsuboi started to get worried ancient ring community back in April. Players fighting the optional late game boss Malenia would call in a random stranger from the internet to help them. When Tsuboi was the one who showed up naked, he would tell the other player to “let me solo”.

And he would quickly deal with a deliberately strong opponent. As word of his exploits spread across Reddit and social media, he gained a reputation for his naked heroics. By May he was the soloist of Malenia over 1000 times. ancient ring mods have been made in his honor. A new FromSoftware legend is born.

“I still remember my first experience with the Soulsborne series and almost quit because of Eudex Gundyr in Dark Souls 3,” Tsuoboi tweeted yesterday after receiving official recognition from the publisher. “I’m glad I persevered and continued to enjoy the game because this community is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I’ve ever seen in a game and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

He went on to name specific people in the community who inspired him, naming Vaati, Fighter .Pl, IronPineapple, ChasetheBro, Zullie, LimitBreakers, and BonfireVN, among others. It’s not clear what’s next ancient ring star, but FromSoftware said that an expansion for the game is coming. The studio is also already hard at work on a number of new projects, at least one of which has been revealed by acclaimed director Hidetaka Miyazaki. was almost completed and may be announced in the near future.

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