The best time to play Nier: Automata is right now

2B and 9S go under the bridge in Nier: Automata.

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Nier: Automata spent the last week in the headlines, the result of a secret door that brought the community into the fray. The mystery itself may have come to a sudden, unexpected conclusion, but that doesn’t mean the core game it was part of should disappear from your radar. In fact, this is another reason to return to what many call one of the best role-playing games in history.

By the way, this recommendation applies to everyone, regardless of whether you fell into the credits a dozen times or have not yet seen with your own eyes what you liked. Nier: Automata so many people. Developed by PlatinumGames and first released in 2017. Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game set 9,000 years in the future in which you play as a small squad of combat-trained androids. It mainly focuses on hack and slash fights, but there are times when it’s bullet hell.

Nier: AutomataThe main trick – and what makes it stand out from the crowded field – is that it has multiple endings. Not just two or three alternatives. Everything is said to be 26 different endings. Most of them are semi-serious at best (including the one where you shoot a subject that specifically says that it will kill you if you remove it). But five are legal, which means you have to play through the campaign multiple times, from different perspectives, to understand the whole story.

Nier: Automata itself is a narrative display of power, which may partly explain its recent cultural revival – again because of this secret door.

Over the past two months, dedicated members Nier: AutomataThe online community’s been hit by a player asking about a “church” that didn’t seem to match any of the known locations in the game. Some people called bullshit, but video evidence of a previously undiscovered area surfaced early last week. The door to the area, however, oddly enough, was only accessible to one player.

After a week of frenetic, community-fueled speculation, it turned out it was all a viral campaign for a new, potentially revolutionary set of modding tools, whose designers say they plan to release these tools to the general public soon. In other words, Nier: Automata is going to be home to some really wild community creations.

That’s not all. In February, Publisher Square Enix announced this would produce an anime adaptation Nier: Automata. (Details are currently scarce.) NierThe story is branching and emotionally devastating, but it’s also deeply personal in a way only a game can be. Regardless of how you came to the final conclusion, you probably came to it in a different way than anyone else. The only way to really compare an anime to its source material is to, you know, reproduce that source material.

Also, oh well: while the release calendar will pick up steam soon, it’s a dry AF right now. If you want to put something at the top of your backlog, it will be difficult for you to achieve more than Nier: Automata.

However, a few tips for beginners: juggle multiple save files and beware of the fish.

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