The best and worst human-made characters in the Saints Row demo

A collage of characters created in the demo, including Velma and Kanye West.

Screenshot: Deep Silver / Will / Kotaku

Yesterday, as part of the Summer Game FestVolition has released a new free demo for the upcoming saints row reboot coming later this year. However, this is not a showcase of the game’s open world or its vehicular combat. No, it’s just a character creator. But luckily it’s a fantastic character creation program with a wide array of clothing and customization options, as well as a long list of sliders and features you can use to create your own unique crime lord. And as a result, in less than 48 hours, people have already created amazingly accurate, stupid and terrifying bosses with a new free tool.

Saints Row Boss Factory is a beautifully titled character creation demo that was released yesterday for free on PlayStation, Xbox and PC via the Epic Games Store. AT boss factoryyou can create the boss of your dreams (or nightmares) using a huge list of sliders and options, including the ability to tweak and change everything from facial symmetry to body mass to how modest your boss should be about underwear and nudity.

There isn’t a real game to use them in yet, but for now I’m having a lot of fun looking at all the characters people create and upload to share. boss factory. Any of them can be played. the full version of the game will also be released in August this year. Keep that in mind as we review some of my favorites.

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