The 10 Best Anime on Netflix


Crybaby Devil Manmy beloved, how could I count how you have changed the paradigm that made Netflix popular in the anime scene. His soundtrack: slaps. His animation: godlike. And his story: damn flawless.

Crybaby Devil Mancreated by Science SARU is an avant-garde supernatural horror remake of the 70s anime by Toei Animation. devil man. After a near-death experience, a mild-mannered high school student named Akira Fudo transforms into the anti-hero Devilman. With the help of his childhood friend Ryo, Akira protects the world from the devils wreaking havoc on earth.

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Keep in mind: Crybaby Devil Man this is a heavy anime that more than deserves a TV-MA rating. His 10 episodes are full of gruesome gore and explicit sex scenes. Despite its rating Crybaby Devil Man not sharp for the sake of being sharp. At the forefront of his narrative is a story about identity and hope, in a word gone crazy.

Crybaby Devil Man being able to find a balance between horror and commentary on his story is not surprising, given that the original devil man served as an inspiration for the king of fantasy seinen, Berserk and an anime dedicated to the deconstruction of all mech, neon genesis evangelion. Just like with Berserk as well as neon genesis evangelionyou best watch yourself while watching Crybaby Devil Man instead of binge watching it. Trust me, your brain will thank you.

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