Switch Modder basically runs Half-Life 2 through Portal

An image of Half-Life 2 protagonist Gordon Freeman being grabbed by the neck is superimposed on a Nintendo Switch screen.

Let go, Valve, I can’t be held back!
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So, Portal: Companion Collectiona set of 3D puzzle platformers from Valve. Portal as well as Portal 2, just dropped on Nintendo Switch. But shortly after his surprise release during presentation of Direct Mini Partner this weeka modder named OatmealDome has already found a way to get the famous FPS Half life 2 works on the switch and it kind of works.

OatmealDome is relatively well known in the Nintendo data and modding community. They presented conclusions about the nature of the Nintendo GBA emulator for Switch as well as discovered fixes for NSO The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I mean, they were around the block.

Them latest achievement loaded Half life 2 to Switch version Portal. There were a few issues with the mod: it sometimes crashed, while OatmealDome also reported that it was “impossible to pass” on some maps, saves didn’t work, NPC animations were buggy, and world cameras didn’t spawn properly. However, the results looked quite satisfactory.

And I mean it really: OatmealDome is loading Portalonly for it to actually load as Half life 2! I’m sorry, what? Anyway, in their video, they skim through some of the menus, looking at various settings and button commands, before starting a new game in Chapter 7 called “Route 17”. In this part of the game, the main character Gordon Freeman races along the highway in a buggy to save Eli Vance from the villains on Nova Prospekt, beating the thugs along the way with a crowbar.

There are some stutters in the OatmealDome video, but for the most part, Half life 2 seems to run without a hitch. The sound of shooting is synchronized with the weapon. Camera tracking moves fairly smoothly. And graphically, it looks fit enough to be a simple Switch mod for another game.

Valve/OatmealDome and Simonx22

“The main reason why it works so well is because Portal 1 basically just a glorified mod for Half life 2Oat Dome tweeted. “For example, the player code for Portal based directly on the player code for Half life 2. Nvidia Lightspeed Studios leaves a bunch behind Half life 2 assets also help.”

When approached by DM on Twitter for comment, OatmealDome shared with Kotaku a little more about how they managed to get Half life 2 works on the switch. Modder Nintendo explained that the remaining assets were a definite plus, and while most of the work involved “just copying things that weren’t there (maps, music) into the game”, they also had to “write a code patch to get around the glitch” they still haven’t been able to get to the root cause. For them it was not too difficult a task, it was just a matter of time.

“It took longer than anything, given that I was working on a laptop with a very slow hard drive,” said OatmilDome. “Valve and NVIDIA have already done most of the work for me – the Source engine is easily modified, Portal 1 it’s just a mod Half life 2a lot of Half life 2the files were already there, and so on.”

OatmealDome described the mod’s performance as “marginally acceptable”. It runs at 60fps, but with a lot of stuttering, they suspect, “mainly due to shader generation and compilation.” According to testing by OatmealDome, loading times are also terribly slow.

However, as a “big Half life A fan” as children, OatmealDome said they would buy Valve’s original FPS collection on Switch “in the blink of an eye” if Nintendo ever managed to do so. And they think it’s quite possible.

Screenshot of modder OatmealDome's latest work: Launching Half-Life 2 on Nintendo Switch via the recently released Portal: The Companion Collection.

“At the moment, even potato-powered computers can easily run these games, so I’m pretty sure the Switch shouldn’t have a problem with the right port,” OatmealDome said. “I also received Half-Life 2: Episode 2 works, but the game is extremely unstable and likes to crash. However, most maps won’t load.”

It is not yet clear what will happen next with OatmealDome. Half life 2 Switch mod. However, it’s great to see the game make it to the handheld console hybrid in an unofficial capacity. Perhaps this will inspire more unexpected projects.

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