Street Fighter 6 has great victory animations for perfect wins

Ryu uppercuts Luke with a crushing Shoryuken.

Kick his ass, Papa Ryu.
Screenshot: Capcom / Kotaku

bad news for scrabblelords Everywhere: Defeat without damaging an enemy in Street Fighter 6 comes with an added insult to injury by watching their special victory animation.

During Japan Expo 2022, Matthew Edwards, Brand Manager for Capcom Europe, witnessed an attendee Street Fighter 6 Booth defeats his opponent as Luke without getting hit. Edwards then asked them to get a perfect win again so he could film the footage and upload it to Twitter. Get ready, because the results are disgusting: Luke shows off his best white fighter dance moves while showing off his trademark shitty smirk. Disgusting.

“Luke is definitely from the TikTok generation,” Edwards captioned the tweet, “Now I’m wondering what other perfect win animations look like.”

Victory animation is not new to Street Fighter series. Sagat, Shadaloo Muay Thai expert, cross your arms and cackle to the sky after Millie rocked her opponent in street fighter 2. ryu would turn your back on your opponent after making them fold up like a deck chair. And instead of manically laughing like Sagat or pretending to be a tough guy like Ryu, Chun-Li throws a peace sign and giggles in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike after emotionally checking his opponent’s body. Never change, Channers.

Although it is still unknown if there are other conditions in SF6 result in a win animation, it goes without saying that other characters will perform the same post-match antics as Luke. If yes, then I hope Papa Ryu breakdancing, as he did in Street Fighter V and 2016 Red Bull advertisement after knocking down a block from an opponent. Damn maybe they can give the last divorced dad Bro-Ken his own pathetic Crash Bandicoot-esque win animation? By the way, it’s all free, Capcom. Call me.

Street Fighter 6 scheduled for release sometime in 2023.

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