‘Stranger Things’ Creators Filming ‘Death Note’ Live

Light Yagami does not hold death in one hand, but the Netflix logo in the other.

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Image: Shonen Jump / Netflix / Kotaku

I hope you don’t get bored of the live anime adaptation because the creators very strange thingsThe Duffer brothers are filming a new animated series. Death Note.

According to Term, Matt and Ross Duffer’s newly formed production studio Upside Down Pictures will be working on a new adaptation of the classic supernatural anime for Netflix. Although Netflix has already made a live-action adaptation Death Note in 2017 the Upside Down Pictures version will be completely new.

Death Notewritten by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, follows Light Yagami, a sardonic high school student who finds a supernatural notebook that gives him the ability to kill anyone whose name is written in it, as long as he has their names and faces. intelligence.

Outside Death Note remake, the Duffer brothers are working on a number of projects, including a film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1984 novel. Mascot, a play set in the world and mythology very strange things“, a separate series of spin-offs very strange things vaguely described as “based on lineageand an untitled original series along with Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews, creators The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

In the meantime, Netflix has already turned off many Death Note fans with their previous endeavor. Death NoteThe 2017 Netflix live action movie was… a movie. The action took place not in Japan, but in America, and behind the Anglo-Saxon Light Turner, Al and Mia Suttoni (originally Misa Amane), who respectively gaslighted each other’s gatekeeper and girl boss on screen for an hour and 40 minutes. when trying to gain control of the Death Note.

While the 2017 live-action film wasn’t as terrible as the live-action treatment that Avatar: The Last Airbender or Dragon Ball Z: Evolution received, its more whiny, clumsy protagonists annoyed fans of the series. This does not mean Death NoteThe live action movies in Japan were great too. Perhaps the best part of every attempt at live action in this classic anime has been the iterations of the title shinigami, Ryuk– especially the Willem Dafoe version. I can’t get enough of this apple-loving bastard.

If the Upside Down Pictures adaptation is also happening in the good old US A, let’s just hope it puts Light or L aside this time around and instead adapts the 2020 one-shot that was then-president Donald Trump enters supernatural notepad war. That would be class.

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