Starfield main quest will last 30-40 hours, says Todd Howard

The Starfield spaceship jumps into hyperspace.

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Over the weekend we saw for the first time how Starfield will play. Now director Todd Howard has shared many more details in new interview with IGN. The main conclusion is that Starfield more than any previous Bethesda game and aims to let you do everything from role-playing as a space chef to fighting pirates in MechWarriorthe combat style of the ship.

During Sunday Presentation of Xbox and BethesdaHoward gave potential players a tour of Starfields, from warehouse shootouts to neon-lit cities and beyond. The presentation ended with the line that Starfield will have over 1000 planets that you can visit. This provoked a violent reaction that excited some and instilled in others, like myself, cautious anxiety. In an in-depth interview with IGNHoward went into more detail about what he had in mind and what players should expect from other aspects of the game.

It will be obvious which planets were created by hand.

Howard was quite candid in interviews that many of the StarfieldPlanet’s will be procedurally generated and flawless. Players can visit them to get resources or hang out because they like the view and want to build their base there. Time on these planets compared to revisiting The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall with “some gameplay and some random content”.

While most of these will be procedurally generated, those that are hand-designed will be clearly marked so players don’t get lost fooling around on a mostly empty space rock if they don’t want to. Howard also said that there is not much of a gap between the procedural generation of a single planet and the procedural generation of an entire group, suggesting that this may not be as much of a drain on development resources as some skeptics feared. “We’ve put more effort into content creation on this game than on any other game we’ve ever made,” Howard said.

The main story lasts 30-40 hours.

d The main theme of the interview was that everything is about Starfield more, including its critical path. Main quest chains in games like Fallout 4 it was less than 30 hours, but Howard said Starfieldthe main story could bring some players closer to 40. While the game’s final tweaking is ongoing – there’s no exact release date of early 2023 yet –Starfieldthe main quest chain currently has a lot more content. “It’s more quests, so it could be 20% more than our previous ones,” he said. IGN. Time will tell if it will be more memorable than the others.

There are four main cities.

Bye Starfield has over 1,000 planets, Howard confirmed that there are only four main cities, the largest of which is New Atlantis. It is the home of the core Constellation faction, which Howard describes as “NASA-meets-Indiana Jones-meets-the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. There you will be able to practice the culinary arts, work on your ship and, no doubt, pick hundreds of locks. Howard promises that New Atlantis will be the biggest bustling city for Bethesda RPGs.

There are many ship battles.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting nuggets from the interviews dealt with the topic of space flight. Howard confirmed that you would not be able to move back and forth between the surface and the stars unhindered. “If you really spend a lot of time developing an intermediate stage, this transition, you just spend a lot of time on something that is not really that important to the players,” he said. But once you’re in space, there’s plenty to do, including dogfights with other ships.

Players’ spaceships will have a limited power source that can be directed to three different weapon systems, engines, shields, and a gravity drive that allows them to dodge in space. Hovad described the tempo as similar to MechWarrior, and said that players can dock and board other ships they discover, or steal them right away. These parts of the game will also have unique dialogues and quests.

As I said, the main conclusion is that Starfield more than any of the previous Bethesda games. How this will translate into an interesting narrative and memorable game moments remains to be seen. One thing that Howard was not asked during his interview is what losses, if any, Starfieldthe development team is taking over the creation, or why it was postponed from November 11 to 2023.

As Kotaku reported last week, Fallout 76the buggy launch was the product of a erratic production cycle, and some could internally foresee a possible train wreck a mile away. Bethesda and Microsoft have decided not to comment on this for now. Meanwhile, Todd Howard’s content roadmap is already teasing Fallout 5 in the far, far future.

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