Sony skips Gamescom 2022 and premiere live

A crowd of people are watching large blue screens in the Gamecom showroom.

A photo: Mathis Wynand (Getty Images)

PlayStation, one of the world’s largest video game brands, has confirmed that it will not be participating in the annual show. Igamer 2022 trade show, and there won’t be any major news or announcements to share during the Opening Night Live event hosted by video game dad Geoff Keighley. It joins other companies in skipping the show this year as the video game industry continues to reckon with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, Sony quietly confirmed its decision not to participate in Gamescom 2022 in a statement made by Wirtschaft games, a video game news site in Germany. In his past The live streaming of the opening Night Live was another mini-E3-like event. and usually ended Caylee’s “summer games” publicity stunt. Wirtschaft games explains that in order to participate in the opening night, companies must also attend the Gamescom trade show.

Kotaku contacted Sony for comment.

Gamescom is the annual European video game trade show. which has historically been held in Cologne, Germany. Prior to covid-19, the show was regularly visited by a huge number of people, and due to the large number of people, it was often called the world’s largest gaming exhibition. Starting August 24 and running through August 28, Gamescom will be a comeback of sorts this summer as it is the first physical Gamescom event since 2019.

But it’s different now and it’s a comeback fewer large companies will be represented, as Nintendo, Activision Blizzard, Wargaming, and Take-Two Interactive have confirmed they are also missing out on the annual European convention. So far, Microsoft has not yet confirmed whether she will attend the show or not.

If Sony is completely skipping Gamecom, as reported, that seems to limit where and when we finally get an actual specific release date for its upcoming god of War continuation, Ragnarok. We know it’s due out this year, as was recently confirmed, but exactly when is still a mystery, and Gamescom doesn’t seem to have an answer. Recent Reports tied it for a November launchbut Sony is not yet confirm release date.

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