Someone completed the Cat Game Stray without taking damage

An orange cat is running away from a large group of strange little alien-like bugs.

Screenshot: Annapurna

To roam took over the internet, and it looks like everyone in my timeline is currently playing a futuristic cat adventure. But one YouTuber took what, at least for most people, is a pretty laid back cat game and made it a lot harder by finding a way to get through the entire game without taking any damage.

Cat simulator after years of hype and trailers To roam was released last week on PS5 and PC to rave reviews and love online. people fast started modifying the game and shared screenshots of the great city of the game, as well as videos in which they just be stupid little cats. But while many players leisurely explored the rich and dense world To roam, Youtuber Hayate Bahadori spent hours after hours practicing and perfecting the way to complete the game without taking damage or dying.

Stray | Any% I Speed ​​| No damage with comments

According to Bahadori, it took almost 20 hours of training and trying to get it through on July 23rd without injury. To roam on PC. If you played To roam, you probably already know where most of his time went: avoiding all those pesky little Zurk creatures. In fact, Bahadori says that the hardest part of the entire run happens at the start of the first “Zurk Run” in the game, the one associated with the “Can’t Cat-ch Me” achievement.

“This [first run in Chapter 2] — the most difficult because of the density of zurks and how cramped the area you are moving through is, Bahadori said. Kotaku.

There are three Zurk Runs in the game. To roam, and while they’re a bit easier than the first one you’ll encounter, all three cause problems and can complete the run without damage. And Bahadori’s rules say that if one of those little buggers just concerns cat, then the game is over, and he must completely restart the run. Because the majority To roam devoid of danger, it is these Zurk Runs that are the main obstacle to completing the entire game without damaging a single hair on the cat’s head.

“This race basically comes down to the Zurkas,” Bahadori said. “Once you get past them, with the exception of the prison break, the run becomes easy.”

While the later in-game threat appears in the form of sentries, the YouTuber explained that they are fairly easy to sneak through. So it all comes down to learning how to dance with all those pesky Zurkas.

“You really need to understand how the Zurk AI works and how to get it to do what you want it to do,” Bahadori said. “Understanding the AI ​​and how to navigate areas doesn’t automatically guarantee success, as there’s a big RNG component to how the Zurks appear around you.”

One of the key techniques he developed during his attempts was to quickly move left and right, as this move seems to loop the AI ​​NPCs and can help you sneak through without moving.

If Bahadori seems to hit very, very well To roam not taking damage, it probably helps that he does it often. Many of his YouTube videos are dedicated to showing people how he finishes games like god of War as well as Spiderman without taking damage or dying. Earlier this year, he accomplished an amazing feat. bypass all major lines Assassin’s Creed games without taking a single point of damage.

As for Bahadori, he does it not only because he likes to take apart game systems and master them, but he also says that he likes to get the opportunity to teach people how to do what he does and is always happy when people ask him questions about his runs.

“In real life, I’m a simulation engineer,” Bahadori explained. “[I] I really enjoy the process of breaking games apart with gameplay to figure out how the game was coded and where I can change the game AI and systems to make these types of runs happen.”

Until he finished with To roam for now, he’s figuring out how to get through even more games without taking damage. He is currently working on Batman Arkham series and plans to launch future games, including Gotham Knights as well as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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