Smash Bros. Champion apologized for attending the tournament while being contagious

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After controversy over playing in the big Brothers Super Smash. weekend tournament despite being seriously ill, world-class competitor Juan “Hungrybox” Debedma now apologizes for his “incredibly selfish” decision.

“Needless to say, I screwed up pretty bad today,” Debedma wrote on Twitter. message posted on twitter on Sunday evening. “And that was incredibly selfish of me. I must not think that I am above the rules. Although I was convinced that I did not have covid, it was clear that I was sick with something. Deciding to play or even go to the court was a huge mistake.”

According to now deleted tweetDebedma woke up early Sunday morning vomiting blood while in Las Vegas, Nevada for doublea Brothers Super Smash. “supermajor” with over 1300 players. A subsequent trip to the emergency room revealed that Debedma was ill with either covid-19 (for which he tested negative with a home kit) or a bacterial infection of the throat and/or uvula.

“Now I have to play the loser’s grid [Super Smash Bros. Melee] somehow,” Debedma said at the time, apparently ignoring the fact that both possible diagnoses of his symptoms would be highly contagious to those around him. His flippant attitude sparked a major backlash on social media, and concern was only heightened when footage surfaced of a coughing Debedma playing without a mask on Saturday afternoon.


Hours later, Debedma deleted his original tweet, announcing that he self disqualification for safety and left the Double Down. He would eventually release his apology that same evening, vowing not to promote covid-19 camouflage protocols “halfway through” and urging others to follow suit.

“I hate just saying the words and pretending that this is everything,” Debedma added. “This is not true. So let my next steps speak for themselves. I’m sorry and I’ll get better.”

While it is easy to blame Debedma in this situation, it is clear that some responsibility must also lie with the tournament. double down Official site points out that players were not supposed to appear at the event if they felt unwell, and that all those present were required to wear masks at all times. Why weren’t any of these rules applied to Debedma’s case, or to the numerous people seen without masks in the audience?

Kotaku contacted Debiedma sponsor Team Liquid and organizers Double Down regarding this situation, but received no response prior to posting.

It is frankly irresponsible to host any event in person when covid-19 variants are still popping up all over the world. And if you just need to be among thousands of people in a crowded tournament venue, at least you can wear a mask to protect those around you. In the face of unspeakable human ignorance, the organizers must do everything they can to ensure that precautions are taken when participants do not do it themselves, even if it means giving up one of the best. Brothers Super Smash. players of all time.

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