Selaco Joke Cum Mod replaces blood effect after complaints

So Steam next festival currently underway. It’s a week-long digital celebration of upcoming PC games where you can check out many demos from FPS RPGs to casual atmospheric adventures. Developer Altered Orbit Studios Rock-how Selaco is one of the demos available and jokingly got a mod from a friend RockFor example, FPS makers Metacorp changed the color of blood effects from the default pink and purple to sticky white semen, all because of fan complaints.

Selaco retro style first person shooter built on 3D accelerated Rock The source port SDK is called GZDoom. Drawing inspiration from the psychological horror from Monolith Productions FPS FEAR and id Software shooters like Earthquake, the game has a very destructible environment and a very bloody gameplay. BUT demo available right nowand a full release is expected by 2255. This enticing launch window speaks to the studio’s humor, potentially poking fun at impossible schedules.

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While Altered Orbit can be pretty funny, developer Metacorp’s humor now takes center stage. Metacorp, the studio behind GZDoom based cyberpunk first person shooter Behind the sunsetcheekily mocked those who grumbled because of the color Selacoin-game blood that changes depending on the enemy you face. Sometimes pink. Otherwise, it is purple.

There will be be red blood in Game, Altered Orbit was announced back in February, but this is not what the studio showed in most clips. The lack of normal red blood caused a flurry of complaints from Gamers™ across all of the studio’s social media accounts. There are complaints in YouTube comments and Twitter private messages. There is messages about blood on the Steam General Discussions page. There are even complaints about forum pages starting April 2021 when the studio is protecting the colors because “Xenomorphs, predators and Halo Covenant aliens don’t blush either.

However, people did not want to see pink or purple blood despite Knowledge about the causes of color that Altered Orbit summarized in February. It looks like “pepto bizmall” or “someone spilled jelly on my screen”. two separate comments on April 9 Selaco YouTube video.

These complaints apparently inspired Metacorp to make a joke about releasing a mod for Selacoblood effects. While not currently available for public download, it is called “Selacoom” and changes the color of the blood from the default pink and purple to white. I think the guns get excited too.

Some were obscenely enthusiastic about the fake Selacoom mod. Just one user said “cymbals”, while other made some stupid ejaculation jokes. However, there was one person who “really wanted” the blood to be red instead of white. So Behind the sunset developer delivered and released a real red blood effects mod per Selaco while Altered Orbit works with the official color palette. Unlike the cum mod, you can download and use this mod.

When contacted via Discord DM, the Metacorp developer behind the Selacoom mod said: Kotaku what SelacoX author and lead developer noticed some “duplicate comments” on various YouTube videos of the game in May. So while it was “a bit random,” he said the inspiration for the cum mod came from random Twitch chatter.

“Originally, I intended to make a red blood mod, so I created a Photoshop action for mass processing. Selacosprites and convert neon pink to blood red,” explained the developer. “But there were some inconsistencies with color scores for Selacosprites, so they ended up being colored grayscale rather than red. I was doing it around the same time my friend [and Twitch streamer] ScavengerTTV was live Selaco, and he mentioned the color of blood live, and one of the people on the chat humorously suggested that it looked like semen. Obviously confronting me with a bunch of white blood sprites and inspiration from a Twitch stream made me think it was going to be really funny.”

Kotaku reached out to Altered Orbit for comment.

It’s not clear when Selaco fully release, and if it hits the console. In the meantime, you can check it out during the Steam Next Fest, which runs until June 20th.

As for developer Metacorp, he said he wouldn’t mind if someone made the same exciting mod for Behind the sunset.

“I’m glad that my video was laughed at,” said the developer. “If someone wants to do Beyond Cumset, we won’t complain.” Yes, and I would too.

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