Riot Suspends Valorant Players for Disagreeing with Tea Bags

Women hold weapons in Valorant.

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Two days ago Riot Games suspended two competitive valiant players after a public controversy over the packaging of tea in bags. Don “Dawn” Park and Vivian “Risora” Dela Cruz have now been suspended from official Riot competition for three and nine months, respectively.

According to Riot, Park made a “vulgar and targeted comment about another player” while Dela Cruz “systematically harassed and isolated the other player.” Riot clarifies that players are penalized for actions against another member Halorantscommunity for women and non-binary valiant players. Park and Dela Cruz were involved in a tea bag controversy that arose on the Galorants Discord server.

tea packaging is an in-game action popular in competitive shooting games. It refers to quickly crouching and standing over the corpses of enemies before they disappear, similar to the sexual act where one person places their testicles on someone’s face. this is counts victory dance and team building gesture. There has been controversy over whether this is considered bad sports behavior or just one of those things you have to deal with when playing games like Halo Infinite.

June 24, a contestant named Ripley Lawless said in Halorants server: “[In games]people think it’s okay to play football and that it’s funny when it’s actually sexual assault.” The statement was widely ridiculed on social media, even with major streamers like Charlie “Cr1TiKaL” White. weighing on this topic. A park ridiculed connection in it tweets to Lawless and on her own Accountand Dela Cruz threatened to tea bag Lawless on the Galorants server. Dela Cruz was banned from Galorants server June 28th. Lawless has deleted her Twitter account. Kotaku reached out to Galorants for comment, but received no response at time of publication.

In tweetlonger mailDela Cruz said she would “take responsibility” for her actions, although she wouldn’t take her away video These were critical from the Haloranths. a park mail was more critical of Riot’s decision. She said she had friends who were sexually assaulted and “it’s not something that compares to crouching in a video game.” Park said Kotaku that she and Dela Cruz were probably punished because they were part of the Halorant community. “I don’t understand what this has to do with the ruling since Galorants has no rule or voting power on what we are allowed to post on our personal social media,” Park said.

Although the main incidents took place a month ago, Riot conducted its own investigation, which included interviews with both Park and Dela Cruz. Park said Kotaku that Riot emailed her a list of allegations and she was able to prove that she didn’t harass Lawless during her meeting with the company. “According to Riot, it didn’t count as harassment because I didn’t go out and specifically attack one person. I was just mocking the idea, not the person.” Dela Cruz confirmed via Twitter DM that her ban was tangentially related to her. critical video about the tea bag controversy, but she was mostly suspended for threatening Lawless. As of press time, Riot Games has not responded to a request for comment.

Because Riot didn’t publicly ban Lawless for her comments, several survivors of sexual violence Twitter were upset that the company seemed to take her side. Some of quote retweets the ban notice indicated that Jay “Sinatraa” Vaughn was banned for a shorter period of time than Dela Cruz despite is under investigation for sexually assaulting his girlfriend. Others believed that the company, located in the middle settlement of $100 million gender discrimination lawsuitdid not take this action, based on the interests of women.

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