Republican Senator Ted Cruz is a whale of gaming microtransactions

Senator Ted Cruz

A photo: CHANDAN KHANNA (Getty Images)

Senator Ted Cruz is a huge bag of human shit, the man I should have listed all of his political as well as moral limitations would to be detention you hours. He is also, like most of us, someone who plays video games, and the way he plays them will not surprise anyone.

Here’s a snippet from the latest episode of Cruise’s own podcast, which he co-hosts with co-host Michael Knowles:

This clip and quotes above a bit lacking in conversation; the actual snippet from his podcast is a bit longer and Cruz speaks in full (I removed a bit where they are off topic):

Video games are designed to be addictive. Now I’m a bit of a gamer, I’m not a gamer like hardcore Twitch streamers and I don’t play massively multiplayer games… I don’t like it when you can buy in-game items and sort to make your character stronger or get benefits.

Now I confess that when I play some games, I sometimes buy them because it’s more fun if suddenly your character has a lot more great things that take you half a year or a year to create. So sometimes I spend 20 bucks and buy, you know, a treasure chest full of coins, because then I can spend it to get cool stuff in the game.

As one answer to the aforementioned tweet says, “I’ve never heard Republican economic policy summed up so succinctly.”

For reference, while it looks like this acceleration through the definition of “hypocrisy” that the senator is no stranger tofor context, the clip is actually part of a longer conversation where Cruz basically says this while he will spend money to get to the front of the line faster, he thinks things like loot boxes in games meant for kids are a very bad idea..

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