Redfall gameplay showcases squad firefights with vampires

Vampire is asking players for a 2023 release date for Redfall.

Screenshot: Microsoft

Microsoft showed off a few minutes of gameplay from its upcoming cooperative first-person shooter Redfall at today’s 2022 Xbox Showcase. The multiplayer game about freeing a New England city from demonic forces looks like it will have loot, class fights and a few jump scares.

The new footage began with a character wielding a hot pink shotgun entering a church and exploring the blood-splattered attic. There she is surrounded by vampires rushing through the shadows in what feels like a classic survival horror game.

Ttake a look:

But the rest of the trailer was heading towards your standard loot-based live service shooter. The capital city of Redfall is reminiscent of something from Fallout 4, and menu briefs reveal skill trees and a trove of color-coded rare gear. We also took a look at class-based playable characters, including a sniper, engineer robot, and telekinetic shooter.

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