RE Village browser demo uses Google Stadia technology to great effect

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Screenshot: Capcom

Capcom released another one Resident Evil Village demo earlier this week. It doesn’t include more content than previous previews, but has the distinct advantage of being playable in your internet browser thanks to Immersive gaming streamlicensed version of Stadia technology from Google.

Properly named Resident Evil Village Live Stream Demonstration allows you to play previous demos of Village and Castle through Chrome (on PC) and Safari (on iOS) without downloading anything. It also supports PlayStation and Xbox controllers in addition to the obvious keyboard and mouse layout. Resolution tops out at 1080p and doesn’t use HDR, but it’s still an impressive feat.

I spent some time playing this Resident Evil Village demo and I can confirm that yes it is Resident Evil Village OK. The graphics naturally leave a lot to be desired, but the frame rate and latency were almost the same as when playing on my PlayStation 5. Of course, your experience will depend on the speed of your internet connection (Capcom recommends 10 Mbps or higher). ).

Writing about games professionally can be challenging. It’s a constant commitment to being professional and expressing excitement and joy for our little electronic toys. We don’t have to write mini ads. I was worried that this is what I was doing with this blog until I realized why I think the browser demo is so cool: its accessibility.

Resident Evil Village Great. Anything that removes the barrier to entry for people who want to try before wasting bandwidth and/or wasting $60, it’s worth celebrating. Streaming technology, even in the face The resounding failure of Stadia, still seems like a big step forward for video games, especially when it comes to accessibility and retention. We hope more developers see the benefits of allowing people to test their games this way.

It was recently announced that Resident Evil Village also coming to PlayStation VR2 if it’s more your thing.

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