Pokémon Violet Scarlet Leak Seems Real After Gem Feature Revealed

The art shows Eevee undergoing a crystal transformation after leaving her trainer's Poké Ball.

Image: pokemon company

Fresh information dump for Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet will probably only add fuel to the fire of rumors and speculation about upcoming games. This is because it confirms that the Pokémon in the Gen 9 entry will be able to transform into more powerful crystallized versions of themselves. This detail was previously disclosed in recent mega leak this is unprecedented in the series’ history, a fact that will no doubt spark even more rampant fan speculation and leak analysis in the weeks and months ahead.

“Pokémon throughout the Paldea region are known to experience the Terastal Phenomenon, which causes them to shine like gems and gain special abilities,” the Pokémon Company wrote in a press release describing the new mechanic. “Throughout the Paldea region, Trainers can join up to three other players in Tera Raid Battles to take on a variety of Terastallized Wild Pokémon.”

The Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet fight in a Tera Raid battle.

Screenshot: pokemon company

Wednesdays Pokémon Presents just got more detailed, demonstrating how when Pokémon Terastallize, their attacks corresponding to their innate types become even stronger. For example, a Charizard using a flamethrower will deal more damage, as will a Persian using normal attacks such as a slash. But that’s not all. Some rare Pokémon have special hidden Tera types. These rare finds are undergoing more unique transformations. Eevee with a water type Tera will gain a water advantage when Terastallized, while a Pikachu with a rare type Tera will temporarily also become a flying type.

It’s wild stuff, built on top of but going beyond. Sword as well as ShieldDynamax and raid mechanics. And the core of the new Terastal Phenomenon was leaked in mid-July from a random Twitter user who is believed to have been playing an unfinished build of the game. They are allegedly responsible for posting blurry images from the game online, which fans immediately tried to decipher for clues.

One thing that immediately caught their attention was the strange crystal effect that some Pokémon seemed to have. According to an insider, this “crystal trick” included granting bonuses to Pokemon’s damage, and in some cases, actually changing the Pokemon’s primary type. Fans disputed exactly how this would work, especially since the leader’s comments were in the process of being translated, but the general outline has now been confirmed.

Other new revelations add even more credibility, including an ice-type gym leader Grusha, who was one of the first images to circulate after the leaks began. One of scarlet as well as Violet‘scstudy companionsPenny, also leaked ahead of time. And the controversial lack of level scaling between gyms. confirmed now. The images also contained references to things that have yet to be confirmed or debunked, including Sprigatito and Quaxly Starter Evolutions, as well as other possible Paldea-exclusive Pokémon that have yet to be revealed.

While time will tell if those parts of the leaks that also combine a lot of fan theories come true, confirmation could also spawn more misinformation. Some people have already shared fake images among the leaks to dunk gullible fans, and now that players know, at least some sources of information are legal, this will surely inspire more fake sources to places like 4chan. It’s only been three months that fans have been digging or trying to avoid spoilers before the games officially release.

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