Pokemon Scarlet / Violet Leaks made fans study blurry photos

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's key art features Generation 9 Legendary Pokémon.

Image: pokemon company

More than a month has passed since the last official release of news about Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet, and a flurry of unofficial and extremely blurry images supposedly leaked from an unfinished build of the game are now filling the void. Fans have no idea if they’re real, but that didn’t stop them from I’m in a hurry to create a new fan artthink about alternative endings and discuss possible new mechanics.

Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet take place in a new region inspired by Spain. alternative professorsand a borderless open world layout that seems to be based on a previous research thread in Pokemon Sword as well as Shield as well as Pokémon Legends: Arceus. But while players have been introduced to the next round of starters and Legendary Pokémon, there’s still a lot they don’t know. Released on November 18, Game Freak still hasn’t even revealed the official name of the region in the new Pokemon the game.

This is where this new batch of supposed leaks comes in. Although leaks from games are a dime a dozen, and Pokemon leaks especially long and varied history, a stream of potato-quality JPEGs purportedly revealing new Pokémon and Gym Leaders has really captured the imagination of fans. Partly because the world Pokemonfrom maps to anime and games, it’s on the rise, and the anticipation Scarlet as well as Violet go especially high. But that’s also the nature of the leaked images themselves, which have enough detail to fuel fans and enough ugly exploded pixels to require a lot of extra detective work to make any sense of them.

The apparent leaks began on July 11 with low resolution image pack claiming to have featured seven of the eight new Gym Leaders as well as Scarlet as well as Violetrival. Re-granted PKMNleak as well as CentroLeaks fan accounts, it was hard to sort them out. Some were so blurry you couldn’t even see the eyes. Most showed only their heads. Adding to the intrigue was the fact that a leaked account called Riddler_Khu shared cryptic tweets a month earlier it seemed to fit some of the new images.

This was just the beginning. Additional images to show the evolution of the two starters, Sprigatito and Quaxley, as well as Lechonk, a Spanish radio station that took the internet by storm last month. To try and legitimize the leak, fans even started comparing the number of curling leaves in the base form of Sprigatito with the number of purple patches protruding from its advanced form. PKMNleak even tried upscaling some of the images to make them less blurry. Lots of fanart followed. Three pink lines with a black spot at the top became a flamingo.

It all came from the same source: Twitter account followers began calling Mr. K to protect his identity. It went private shortly after the leaks began to appear, and was later removed entirely before reappearing the next day. According to the PoryLeeks account, which also follows the frenzy, Mr. K changes Twitter handles every day to drop more leaks before disappearing again.

“He tweets a bunch of new information for hours,” PoryLeeks said. Kotaku. “If he starts noticing that people are posting about him on 4chan or twitter using his name or pseudonym, he changes his @. It’s the same Twitter account, but it keeps changing its name and @ frequently.”

The community believes that Mr. K. was a tester, given the mixture of impressions and reliable information in his leaks. Adding to the legitimacy is the fact that a previous source known as Uncle Ridler on the Chinese social media platform Baidu, repost of some of them. Uncle Ridler Bound To Pokemon leaks come back to Sun as well as Moon games on the 3DS. Some of the things in the images also seem to be backed up by previous things. Riddler_Khu allegedly leaked.

Why is the photo quality so bad? According to PoryLeeks, this was supposed to filter out any identifying information. The liquor put a filter on top of it because there are numbers in the screenshots,” the account says. Kotaku. “Probably build code numbers. He also seems to be afraid to post images.”

The most polarizing things stemming from leaks are not the images themselves, but purported details about the game’s larger structure. Mr. K, as reported via leak aggregation accounts, claims that Pokémon can travel through time and that there are multiple endings. They also claim to have revealed the core mechanic, which the community refers to as “crystal trick”, through which Pokémon can gain a damage type bonus once per battle thanks to a shiny effect that lasts until they return to their Poké Ball. Fans have speculated that this is why the Pokémon look weird and shiny in some of the photos.

They also say that Gym Leaders do not scale difficulty based on the number of player badges, a potentially controversial design choice in the game, where the developers have confirmed that you can complete sections in any order. Fans already argue about how it will work and whether it means the leaks are fake. “To me this sounds very crazy about games,” wrote one of the commenters on Pokeleaks subreddit. “They are jumping on the copy that either there is a bug somewhere, or it was fixed in a later build,” another replied.

While the claims are unverified, they can also be misinterpreted. According to PoryLeeks, Mr. K’s grammar in both English and Japanese is not the best, and even if they are legal, anything they want to say can be easily misunderstood. The game isn’t even finished yet, and if other recent Pokemon releases are any indication something may change or be updated during launch.

Also, leaks, real or not, tend to get out of control. There is already a lot of confusion around a possible “crystal trick” where people give speculative explanations of how it would work or mix alleged new information with material from old 4chan posts. And many of the accounts spreading information about the original source of the information regularly had to release updates or patches via translation errors.

One thing that will end the potential disinformation boom is more official information from Game Freak, but fans are also divided on when it will eventually arrive. Bye Scarlet as well as Violet there are now exact release dates, a schedule for Nintendo and Pokemon Direct has been everywhere in recent years, especially this summer. Once the official news dam finally breaks, fans will be able to switch from celebrating low-res images to complaining about low res trees in latest trailer.

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