Pokémon GO Star Community Day Seems Like Self-Sabotage

Starley floats in a POGO Community Day frame against a backdrop of trees, hills and sky.

Image: Niantic

You are Niantic and your community Pokémon GO the players are fucking mad at you above a bunch of recent changes, last but not least Community Days. So what are you doing to try and fix the situation? No, sorry, you are wrong. You’re making the next Community Day about fucking Starley.

In what looks more and more like Manufacturersin the style of trying to destroy the game (“Spring for the Hitmonly”, anyone?), July’s Community Day seems to be designed to be as fucking boring as can be.

It’s still three hours, despite absolutely everyone around the world (I asked) wanting them to go back to a much more convenient six hour version, but this Sunday we can all enjoy collecting the Pokémon that make Rattat interesting.

Get ready for Community Day in July!

There’s no announced twist, no special events, no suggestion that we might finally get some sort of conclusion to the long-running GO Fest storyline about Professor Willow’s disappearance. Just another general monthly event that will presumably have us doing the exact same tasks as the last 37 of them: catch 10 Starlys, evolve Staravia, and then get a Staraptor as a reward, like everyone who has ever- either played, they have not yet fallen. side of their phone.

I will enjoyed if I have to eat my words about all of this and it turns out it’s all a front for a big surprise, finally some kind of payout for this Ultra Beast half storyline that’s been limited up until now in three cities around the world. Though I don’t hold my breath.

Again, there are “local” Community Day events for about 0.5% of players, which is great as long as you can see the sea. (This time outside of Colorado! A new inland event that will cover around 11 states!)

The US map shows PokéTmon GO live event locations.

Image: Niantic/Google

Oh, I know it’s only a dollar these days and all, it’s a stupid mobile game. But I genuinely enjoyed playing this game with my son, and it’s so lousy to watch her sink into this quagmire. clearly terrible decisions and seemingly deliberately boring activities. Niantic could choose Any He liked Pokemon. We could have Gumi, Roggenrola, Rowlet, Litten, Jangmo-o, Timburr, Sewaddle, Tynamo, Lotad… All three step evolutions, none of which had their day.

All right, Starlistan army, listen to your hatred. At least it’s not Pidowe, I guess.

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