Online Red Dead players mourn his death via virtual funeral

A lone man on black horses rides through the cemetery and its tombstones.

Screenshot: Rockstar games

Red Dead Online the last major update was released exactly a year ago today, and since then the game has been delayed like a zombie as the community gradually lost hope that there would be more content. Before the anniversary, some players started online funeral planning red dead online. And last week, Rockstar Games officially confirmed that the game is (mostly) dead. Luckily, fans have already planned the funeral.

Last big update for red dead online, blood money, was released on July 13, 2021. The update was not well received by fans, but it added new crimes and large-scale robberies to the game, which helped players who are prone to crime gain new opportunities. It also seemed to mark a return to the game’s more regular update schedule, as it was released just seven months after the last major update, which itself was released about five months earlier. But now, a year later, it is clear that Blood Money did not mark the beginning of a new era in the game.but that’s the end of it.

After weeks of online planning and viral social media postings, players have returned to red dead online say goodbye to what could have been. Many visit cemeteries as well as cemeteries scattered across a large map, take pictures, drink or twoas well as meeting other players to mourn.

“Today is the day the community pays tribute to a game that many of us love and wish Rockstar would get more love for.” said RDO player Dirty Tyler on Twitter. “So log in today and have some beer either in Valentine or Blackwater Cemetery.”

Others have shared similar messages, often with photos or videos of them saying goodbye near a tombstone. I also noticed online funeral marches in various places and players drinking in real life with their online avatars.

“What a great community, what a great game, what a great time!” tweeted SubjectᐰZeta

The tone of these posts and meetings is even less reassuring than I originally expected, thanks to Last week, Rockstar hammered the final nail in the game’s coffin. when it was confirmed after months and months of player frustrationthat he moved resources to GTA 6 and no longer planned major updates RDO. As mentioned earlier, today’s digital funerals were already in development, but right now they seem to be, unfortunately, ideal. Rare copy of Rockstar and RDO players agree.

Bye Red Dead Redemption II’online mode has never been as popular as it is Grand Theft Auto Online by analogy, it had a dedicated and passionate player base who spent hours and hours in the game’s highly detailed open world map, hunting animals, earning bounties, and riding horses through fields and swamps. It was a slower game than GTA Online, but for many it was preferable. People often created characters with backstories and roleplay in RDO’digital world, and it often felt like it was all part of Rockstar’s design, perhaps an example of a publisher paying attention to everything GTA Online RPG taking place on Twitch.

Of course, technically the game will still exist and be played online for the foreseeable future. It will also continue to receive tiny updates from time to time to combat exploits or update in-game stores. But most likely he will never get new player roles, bounty hunter missions, season passes, weapons or horses. For a 2022 online game, this makes it dead in the eyes of most players.

As for what’s next for Rockstar, the future is filled Grand Theft Auto. The publisher has confirmed that it will have more updates forg GTA Online, including some long-awaited features such as the ability to complete sell missions in private lobbies. He also confirmed that he continues to develop the next game in GTA series, most likely will Grand Theft Auto 6.

And while many millions of players will be happy to play the next GTAit’s also probably some red dead players will see it not as the next big Rockstar game, but as the game that killed their favorite RDO.

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