One Piece announced the rights of transgender people in typical One Piece fashion

Colored manga images of Yamato and Kiku stand in front of a flying trans flag.

Oda didn’t stutter.
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Spoiler alert for the One Piece blog on transgender rights.

Spoiler image ahead in the embedded tweet below.

Although One piece continues month breakits creator has managed to give readers a pleasant surprise in the month of pride in his last chapter.

By tradition, in each saga, the completion One piece, after the battle between Luffy and Kaido at the end of the Wano Country arc, there were many festive feasts. However, Luffy’s bottomless throat and Zoro’s legendary resistance to alcohol were not in the spotlight. One pieceChapter 1052. Instead, it was the gender confirmation of two trans characters during the bathhouse scene.

When the Straw Hat navigator, Nami, comes up with the idea of ​​sharing a bath with a new Straw Hat member (or so he decided), Yamato replies that he can’t because there are no mixed baths in Wano Castle. Kiku, Wano’s samurai, continues Yamato’s comment by asking Nami if she mind joining her in the bath. Followed by two very busy and the equally useful manga panels of Yamato in the men’s bath and Kiku in the women’s bath with the Straw Hat Pirates. While these panels appear to be harmless fan service, some One piece notoriously they never shy away from it, in fact they most tripled the gender of Kiku and Yamato as a trans woman and a trans man respectively.

Seemingly innocuous, the gender of these two Wano characters has often been a hot topic of debate among One piece a fandom that’s saying something, given that the core lore of the Wano arc has been given to fans throughout all 148 chapters.

Kiku repeatedly refers to himself with feminine pronouns during his battles alongside Luffy and the crew. When Chopper asks Kika if she is a man after a passerby describes her as “Wano’s most beautiful swordswoman”, she replies that “she is a woman at heart”. Luffy, observant as always, only comments on how scary her mask is. Fair enough, it’s a pretty scary and cool mask.

While Yamato also wore an equally scary and cool mask during his first appearance in One piece, his introduction caused both readers and Luffy to scratch their heads in confusion. While some fans dismissed Yamato’s gender as an admiration for Oden and his heroic demeanor, step into the absurd, the manga states his gender as a fact, not a subtext of the translation. Throughout Wano, Yamato refers to himself with he/him pronouns, which even villains use when referring to him. Even Kaido respects Yamato’s pronouns despite being the main antagonist of the arc.

While detractors of Yamato’s trans identity feel that fans are reading too much into the subtext of his language around his gender, despite the fact that the characters have literally repeatedly said they are transgender in the actual text, the final chapter One piece serves as the ultimate tripling of Yamato and Kiku’s transgender personalities compared to Oda. Although confirming one’s gender under the guise of a bathhouse fanservice scene will stand the test of time as Oda with the most galactic brain is a way to end discourse among his fandom. Respect.

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