Nintendo Warns Switching Due to Rising Summer Temperatures

Nintendo Switch melts when it gets too close to the sun.

A photo: DrPixel / Nintendo / Kotaku (Getty Images)

While many parts of the world are more accustomed to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, the rapid rise in global temperatures means that heat is becoming a factor elsewhere. So much so that Nintendo just issued a warning not to play with your Switch once the thermometer reaches high numbers.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t seem to be designed to work when the ambient temperature reaches 95 degrees. As seen, the tweet on her Japanese account on Eurogamer, the company explained that the console should only be used at “5 to 35℃”. For the few countries that still base their temperature scale on the 16th century guesses about the freezing point of an incomprehensible brinewhich is between 41 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

“If the temperature of the main unit gets too high, it can automatically go into sleep mode to protect the main unit,” explains Nintendo (translated to Twitter). In other words, playing in such a sun would not melt the chips inside, but simply cause the machine to shut down to prevent something worse from happening.

He adds: “If there are foreign objects or dust on the inlet/outlet of the main unit, remove them with a vacuum cleaner. For safety reasons, do not disassemble the main unit.”

Heatwaves are appearing all over the world right now. Kotaku’s New York HQ is currently 90 degrees sweltering while we’re being let out government warnings for record temperatures even on this rainiest of islands where I live in the UK. In both places, the heat wave due to what I now call The Nintendo Limit is expected early next week.

Similar temperatures are predicted for Nintendo’s home in Kyoto, Japan next week, while mainland Europe has already experienced a record deadly heat wave in June that will intensify again this weekend.

Of course, if you live in, say, Texas, Portugal, or Australia, you’re probably letting out a pitiful laugh at this point, staring down at your switch with a blank face and silently dissolving into a nearby bucket.

Hopefully the Switch Pro will be designed with a hotter planet in mind.

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