New TF2 update makes it easier to deal with all bots

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Yesterday Valve released a new update for Team Fortress 2 which fixes and tweaks a lot of things, but many players are most excited about the changes to how voting and usernames work, hoping they make the fight easier all the annoying bots which continue to plague the multiplayer class shooter.

On June 21, Valve released a new update for Team Fortress 2 on PC via Steam. TF2 first released back in 2007 and is one of the company’s most successful and popular games. In recent years, he also had serious problems with bots, which you have probably read about if you were Kotaku. And while this new update won’t solve the overall bot problem, it will at least give players more ways to fight back.

Specifically, as stated in the update notes, Valve is reworking how voting to remove problem players works. Previously, you could only vote once. It is now possible to hold multiple elimination votes at the same time, both for a specific team and for the whole world. Valve also fixed an exploit that allowed players or bots to change their playname during a match, which was sometimes used by bots to make it harder to tell who was real and who was dirty, disgusting AI.

In theory, these changes should allow players to remove bots faster and more efficiently. who has Redditors and the like celebrating. However, in theory, they could cause servers filled with bots to be able to kick human players even faster. Of course, servers with most bots suck to play anyway, so most players will simply forego bot-filled matches instead of sticking around to fight.

Kotakucontacted Valve about the new update and asked about plans for the future. Half life the creator must continue cleaning TF2.

Team Fortress 2′Understandably, the vibrant community is fed up with the pesky bot infestation over the past few years. Recently, many players have started protesting via email and other means in an attempt to get Valve’s attention. While some were critical of the way the players digitally protested, the incessant uproar eventually led to Valve and TF2 team acknowledging the current problem with the bot.

While this update is a positive step forward, it will take a lot more to fix the bot issues that are specific to TF2. I hope for TF2 For the sake of the community Valve has more updates and fixes in the works.

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