MultiVersus will receive NBA star LeBron James as DLC on July 26

A cartoon version of LeBron James is shown hitting a basketball in Batman's Bat Cave.

Image: Games Warner Bros. / Kotaku

multiversusfree game smash– both based on Warner Bros. properties such as scooby doo as well as steven universelaunches in open beta on July 26th. And according to the latest news from today’s Comic Con presentation, NBA superstar LeBron James will be joining the fighting game as a playable character on the same day.

You may have noticed that this means that LeBron James, a real person, will soon be beating up fictional characters like Batman, Bugs Bunny, and the Iron Giant (we know don’t turn us on). If my sources are correct, LeBron is a man of flesh and blood. You can breathe the same air as him and maybe even get an autograph at any Los Angeles Lakers game. Strange, right?

Games Warner Bros.

I think it makes sense, given that LeBron is in a movie made by Warner Animation Group. Space Jam: A New Legacy. But the reality that a company “owns” someone, at least enough to be able to put a version of them in a video game, seems unpalatable. I’m sure LeBron approved of the look, not to mention he was paid handsomely for it, I just thought the entertainment would take a little longer to collapse on itself.

However, it didn’t come as much of a surprise as LeBron’s appearance in multiversus was mined during online testing of the game. Other characters lurking in the code include DC comics mainstays such as the Joker and Raven. Funny melodiesMarvin the Martian and Godzilla, though only time will tell if they’ll become full-fledged additions to the playable line-up.

multiversus players will be able to live out their basketball fantasies when LeBron arrives on July 26th. And while they didn’t show gameplay footage, the developers also revealed that Rick and Morty, well, Rick and Morty will join the crossover fighting game during the first season of content. Morty releases on August 9, while Rick’s release date is still to be determined. Keep for updates.

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