MultiVersus, a fighting game, is the most popular game in the Steam deck

The Steam Deck is on a dark blue surface and shows a screenshot of the Multiversus with Superman and Bugs Bunny.

Image: Valve / WB Games / Kotaku

As you probably know steam deck very popular. Valve’s portable PC quickly developed a large community around it, and for many, it has become the preferred way to play their favorite Steam games on the go. But which games Are all these new Steam Deck owners playing? You might think that these will be small fast-paced games that easy to pause, as is the case with most portable and mobile games. Well, Valve has shared some data and it looks like a lot of you are really enjoying the game. multiversus as well as ancient ring while on the toilet.

Not what you would have guessed, huh?

Earlier today on Twitter, Valve’s official Steam Deck Twitter account has posted a list of the ten most played games on Steam Deck over the past week. Valve cleaned in a follow up tweet that the list is sorted by the average daily number of users.

  • multiversus
  • Vampire Survivors
  • To roam
  • ancient ring
  • Nobody’s sky
  • Hades
  • Stardew Valley
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Aperture Desktop
  • Rise of the monster hunter

As for the list, yes, a newly released free game Break the Brothers-like a fighting game multiversus, is at the top. It’s a bit odd to see a fighting game at the top of the list, but it probably helped. It is also possible that people have come up with interesting ways to play. multiversus and other games from this list thanks to Funky Steam Deck but universal controls. Let’s hope the WB doesn’t kill this game along with everything else it recently canceled.

What’s also funny is that some people admit that while playing multiversus on the Deck makes your hands cramp, but the temptation to have it on the go is just too great.

No shock to see To roam at number three, as the game is already popular, not very expensive, and seems like the perfect game to play on Steam Deck. Maybe play it on the porch at night with soft rain in the background. Beautiful. Not a surprise either see gta5 on the list because at the moment it seems like half of the globe is playing this game on some platform. So why not Steam Deck?

Also, of course, ancient ringone of the biggest and most popular games of 2022– tops the list. Personally, I’m not sure I can enjoy it on Steam Deck, but I also don’t really like FromSoftware games on either platform.

I hope Valve releases more data on steam deck games move forward, perhaps even a similar list of the top 10 handheld PC games for all of 2022. Also, maybe my Steam deck will be released soon? Thank you, Valv!

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