Mothmen 1966 revives the horror of the humanoid cryptid

Moth people are coming.
GIF: Game studio LKB

Imagine that your significant other has once again taken it upon himself to take you on a surprise trip without telling you where you are going. Though you fake a smile seeing this once in a lifetime Leonids meteor shower, you are distracted by the glowing red eyes of a flock of moths chasing you out of the forest. This is not a diluted version of the internet meme cryptid. you joke about marriage. No, these creatures are causing irreparable harm to you and your hopeless romantic partner.

Moth People 1966, developed by LCB Game Studio, is a Choose Your Own Adventure pixel art visual novel game available tomorrow on PC and consoles. The game buys the cryptid from him Tumblr era lamp memes through unnerving 80s homemade CGI and teasing your brain with deadly choices throughout its pulp fiction story.

You play as three characters: Holt, a curmudgeon who owns a gas station, Lee, a reckless college student who loves astrology, and Victoria, his sardonic girlfriend, as they fight to survive in a moth riot that wreaks havoc in a remote town.

A pair of binoculars zooms in on the silhouette of a mothman standing above a tree line.

It’s yikes from me, dude.
Image: Game studio LKB

In each chapter, you play from a different character’s point of view and make fateful decisions to keep these scattered and fickle strangers alive long enough to unravel the mystery of the deadly creatures’ strange occurrences. As well as Oregon trailmaking the wrong choice during fatal encounters can attract the attention of gargoyle-like moths perched on street lamps, leading to unfortunate states in which you have to repeat the encounter again.

Since the choice is only as “correct” as its people are “correct”, each character in Moth People 1966 carry their own emotional baggage that comes through in the juicy dialogue and divisive decisions you make in the game. While its cast is initially one-dimensional characters who make cheesy decisions that cause surprise, their rationale starts to make a little bit of sense when you play from their point of view in later chapters. Changing a character’s point of view in chapters not only gives you a broader view of the personality types in the game, but also gives you plenty of wiggle room to build on or deviate from their worst traits when interacting with other characters.

Moth People 1966 it’s a short romp that unfortunately makes the pacing of its final chapters too incoherent. Toward its finale, the game asks you for little more than the sci-fi premise of playing as a ragtag group of cryptid survivors trying to get along. Despite the intrigue, these story events go out of sight, and they are not given enough time to rest until the end of the game.

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