Massive free update to Into The Breach looks like a sequel

A robot pilot looks over a ruined city in Into the Breach: Advanced Edition.

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into the gap received free kaiju-sized update last weekofficially called Into the Breach: Extended Edition. Basically, it added an entire game on top of the existing base game, which was already one of the best tactical RPGs of all time. In other words: RIP my social life.

Developed by the creators FTL: faster than light, into the breach mostly Pacific Rim: The Game. Giant insects threaten the planet. To fight them, you control three mechs, each with unique abilities, directing them in turn-based combat on a gridded battlefield. There are also roguelike systems: at the end of each race, whether you win or lose, you can start a new race with one of your three robot pilots, who will level up along the way and gain random stat-boosting passive abilities. .

into the breach was in the area, first appearing in 2018 for PC and Switch, but I only discovered it this year. It completely consumed my “free” play time. i played more into the breach than I have 100 hours of open world RPGs like Forbidden Horizon West or 100,000 hours of real-time maintenance, for example Halo Infinite. By its very nature, the game requires repeated playthroughs. You start with only one squad of three mechs.. By completing various tasks – from general goals such as “win the game” to specific tasks for each squad – you can earn coins, which can then be spent on unlocking new squads. It’s the dopamine ouroboros like the best bagels.

Until last week, I completed 46 out of 55 trials in into the breach, and unlocked all units except for the last “secret” unit (which Google tells me is not worth bothering with). After last week’s release Extended edition, there are now 70 tasks. Oh-oh

Subset of games

These tasks are included in Extended edition, which adds four new mech pilots, five new units, 10 new enemy types, a dozen missions, and nearly 40 new weapon types. (Here is the full summary, for those who want to get into the weeds.) Obviously, I have to finish each of these new challenges, which means I have to learn how each of the new mech commands works. But so far into the breach kicked my ass to the same extent as when I first started playing.

Here are the new units:

  • There is Bomberswhich come with tools designed to move enemies across the battlefield.
  • Cloud tiles usually prevent a unit from making its move. Mist Eaters not only are they not affected by clouds, but also heal HP from them.
  • Arachnophiles can turn defeated enemies into smaller unmanned mechs.
  • Heatsinks Consume fire tiles to gain bonuses to your stats.
  • Even though he has the coolest name Cataclysm is the most risky: you can turn the tiles into bottomless pits, inadvertently killing everything that stands on them, even your teammates.

This means that currently in into the gap fan wiki currently, the “Strategy” section of each landing page lists “TBA” for these squads. I’ve been playing more or less non-stop since the end of last week, and so far I’ve only finished one of them: the Fog Eaters. (I keep getting it’s close with Cataclysm, only to make one wrong decision and send one of my mechs to its doom.) On the one hand, losing over and over again is maddening, especially when you’re playing a game where winning used to be second nature . On the other hand, this steep uphill into the breach feel like a brand new game.

It’s mainly because of the new units, yes, but also in large part because of the new enemy classes. For example, there is one annoying bastard that moves in two directions; confuses me every time. There are three more that give all of their allies stat bonuses, in some cases turning the situation against you into an insurmountable obstacle. I’m still trying to figure out the new missions that give optional objectives for each procedurally generated map. One of them adds a hurricane wind. (You can imagine how much this increases the complexity of Cataclysm.) I’m still figuring it all out, still looking through what’s been added, but it’s already a lot ofto the point where I feel as many combos and possibilities as there are in the base game.

Oh yes and Extended editionwith two additional tracks from composer Ben Pruntythe same type deliciously crunchy prog rock which highlighted the core game.

The lesson here is clear: the old can become new again. A subset of developer games sold this release with the slogan “Once again to the breakthrough”. But I’m not sure I ever left. And at this rate, I’m not sure I ever will.

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