Mass Effect Remaster is free for Amazon Prime subscribers

Garrus stands near the wall.

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If you love mass effect but did not take the remaster because “I already have old games”, then I have good news for you. Amazon is giving away Mass Effect Legendary Edition during Prime Day this year.

Amazon announced today On July 12, Prime members can get over 30 free games. These games include Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy as well as Jedi Outcast, Star Wars Republican Commando, as well as The need for rapid heating. Even before Prime Day starts, Prime members can start downloading 25 different classic and indie games, such as rain world as well as Metal Slug 2starting June 21st.

Usually, people who subscribe to Amazon Prime get about 5-10 free games every month (they will keep them even after their subscription ends). This deal includes these 25 free classic/indie games and then mass effect and various star Wars games beyond that. So if you still have Amazon Prime, look for free games starting next week. There are several options to choose from on the list.

(If you’re a Steam-only user, it looks like the games will be linked to either the EA Origin game launcher, the GOG launcher, or Amazon’s own launcher. Amazon Games App.)

When Mass Effect Legendary Edition launched, the players agreed that it worthy graphic revision of the original trilogy. And that’s all that was needed. Basically, players were excited to play with some of BioWare’s most iconic characters. KotakuOwn Ash Parrish (take it easy on the present) noted that the combat got better, but the handling of the car was as frustrating as ever.

We have also included Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast on our list Top 10 star Wars Games ever madein which Zach praised lightsaber combat, which felt like the “next level” for a game released in 2002. He also appreciated that the game allows you to use the powers of Light and Darkness (whereas in most games only one way or the other).

To sum it up, classic/indie games launch next Tuesday, June 21st. mass effect and the rest of the hits will be available for free to Prime subscribers only on July 12, after which the promotion will end. Any games you claim are yours even after your Prime subscription expires.

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