Live-action One Punch Man is in development at Sony

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One Punch Maninitially manga series and more recently an anime and video game (oh and a very clean pair of shoes)is about to move to other media, announcing that Sony is developing a live-action film adaptation.

As Term reporta lot of time Fast and Furious human Justin Lin was attached to direct. Writers will Scott Rosenberg and Jeff PinknerVenom, Jumanji: The Next Level), bye Avi and his son Ari Arad will produce with Lin. How are things at the time of publication “intention [is there] start production by the end of the year,” which means it won’t hit the screens anytime soon.

Term also say “tThe studio is optimistic about the franchise launch concept,” which is interesting considering A Hollywood… complicated story with manga and anime adaptations (something Arad will be all too familiar with given his role in the 2017 film). Ghost in armor movie).

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What is it like to be the strongest person on the planet? If you answered that it would be a boring depressive state of existential fear, then you would empathize with the hero of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man is a superhero anime based on the manga of the same name that combines action, comedy, and satire, while also parodying many of the genre’s hallmarks. The concept seems ingeniously simple. The hero Saitama is so strong that he can defeat any opponent with a single blow. Unfortunately, he became dissatisfied as there was no one to challenge him.

One Punch Man’s existential crisis can easily be compared to our own. The anime is excellent because it embraces the absurdity of the genre and revels in breaking stereotypes with every fist. Against the genre’s expectations, we pray that Saitama can finally find someone to beat him, and in doing so, find salvation from the boredom that threatens to destroy his and our existence.

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