Jordan Peterson’s transphobic Rant is now solid video game gold

The hovering head of Jordan Peterson spews nonsense in front of Crash Bandicoot's warp wormhole.

Formerly named “Canada’s Most Notorious Intellectual” vice news and “guardian of the patriarchy” New York Times, sobbing meat doll Jordan Peterson is now forced to make lengthy YouTube videos, complaining about being removed from Twitter for doubling down on transphobic comments. Tragic news for the patriarchy, but perfect fodder for some really good video game memes.

I’m not going to praise wimp from the dark webthe latest theater of cancellation, analyzing it other than saying that a former professor at the University of Toronto tweeted some really offensive nonsense, got banned from Twitter for it, and then said on YouTube that he would rather die than delete the tweet. The video is 14 minutes long and well-produced, despite consisting almost exclusively of a man who once refused to eat anything but beef for months, ranting like a Batman villain about Twitter’s terms of service.

Minus the hate speech, it’s high camp, and social media responded accordingly, highlighting the particularly ridiculous parts where Peterson sounds like a late ’90s FMV antagonist and remixing them with famous video game scenes. In particular, the part where he mumbles 100 percent without irony: “Your awakened moralists, let’s see who cancels whom!”

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Tim Curry was the most obvious analog. But remixes for metal gear, Half lifeand even Remedy Control quickly blended in.

But my favorite had nothing to do with video games. Instead, it was a classic of the genre.

Is Peterson imitating Kermit the frog or is Kermit the frog imitating Peterson? Who will say what.

Of course, while “Let’s see who cancels whom” blew up Twitter, it wasn’t even the most ridiculous part of Peterson’s rant.. “If I am required to admit that my tweet violated the rules of Twitter – what rules are you sons of bitches?!” he howling like a canadian waluigi elsewhere in the video.

According to Tim Heidecker, what an eccentric.

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