Inside Look: Camila Cabello Havana Makeup Collection

Inside Look: Camila Cabello Havana Makeup Collection

You surely know Camila Cabello listening to her songs on the radio or even following her social media feed, but are you aware enough of your Camila facts to know about her love for beauty trends, methods and products? For her, making her look and feel better helps her feel confident, which is what you need as a pop star. Knowing this, it seems only fitting that Camila partnered with L’Oréal Paris to create her latest passion project. makeup, put up the collection is her first makeup line inspired by her signature makeup. We know your interest has been piqued, so read on for more details!


Speaking about her motivation for collaborating on the makeup collection, Camila said: “I wanted to create this makeup line with L’Oréal Paris because I wanted to create something that I would personally wear and that I know people would love.” The star worked diligently with L’Oréal to create the collection, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of her hometown of Havana as well as her own (highly coveted) look. From the packaging design to the product shades to the lip gloss scent, Camila has been able to work on every element of the collection to create a line that is true to who she is. And this applies not only to her stage image. In fact, Camila has decided to create a line that is perfect for natural makeup, as when she’s not on stage or at an awards show, she prefers to ditch the full face in favor of a simple, radiant look. In addition, it was important to Camila that the line was well-suited to a wide variety of skin tones, ensuring that all of her fans could use and love it.


In the words of Camilla herself: “For me, beauty is being happy and feeling comfortable in your own skin in order to live a better life.” Her collection of 14 items, Havana Camila Cabello a collection created to help her fans do just that. Below you will find out everything about eye makeup, lipstick and face makeup in the product line:

L’Oréal Paris x Camila Cabello Havana Sun-Lit Bronzer: You don’t have to live in a tropical climate like Havana to have tanned skin all year round. The hydrating, easy-to-blend formula of this bronzer gives skin a naturally radiant finish. Use alone or blend with foundation for an instant havana glow.

L’Oreal Paris x Camila Cabello Havana Gotta Give Brow: If you’ve ever been jealous of Camila’s perfectly arched brows, then this one is for you. The liquid brow product has a felt-tip angled applicator that makes it easy to outline, fill in and define brows.

L’Oreal Paris x Camila Cabello Havana Flash Liner: Looking for the perfect liquid eyeliner to recreate Camila’s signature cat eye? This black liquid eyeliner is exactly what you’re looking for, as the marker-like tip is perfect for line- ing your eyes (and adding a touch of movement) in the blink of an eye.

L’Oréal Paris x Camila Cabello Havana eye shadow: Camila doesn’t wear the same eyeshadow every day – and neither should you. These 4 creamy shades can be worn alone or blended together to create endless looks from neutral smoky eyes to vibrant sunshine.

L’Oréal Paris x Camila Cabello Havana Lip Dew Lip Gloss: If you follow makeup trends, you know that glossy lips are back in style! Give your lips a glossy finish with one of the collection’s sheer lip glosses, available in pink, peach, nude and bronze shades.


What could be better than trying out Camila’s signature look using her own products?

Step 1: Bronze Key Areas. For a contouring effect, apply liquid bronzer to the hollows of the cheeks, forehead and along the jawline.

Step 2: Apply eye shadow. There is no need to spend a lot of time blending shadows on the eyelids. Simply blend Oh-Na-Na (Shimmer Bronze) onto your lids for a quick wash.

Step 3. Apply eyeliner and blend. You can’t forget Camila’s cat eye. Start with eyeliner along your upper lash line, then add a small liner for a casual look or a big liner for a red carpet ready look.

Step 4. Define your eyebrows. Get perfectly groomed brows by using short hair-like strokes to fill in your arches.

Step 5. Apply a layer of gloss. Almost done! Apply a little lip gloss of any shade that suits your skin tone to clean lips.

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