History of YouTube Ads Requiring New Nintendo Direct

The man sits in despair, his head in his hands.  The words "Nintendo fans when NO DIRECT," are written on the screen.  And yes, two "when".

Screenshot: PooruBoy/YouTube

People love Nintendo Directs. People want Nintendo Directs. But this streaming ad for upcoming Switch games is so rare that people are a little… nervous. Yesterday, after someone tweeted that they saw a YouTube ad demanding a new Direct, it quickly went viral. It’s not all that it seems, but it certainly speaks to the desperate cries of fans for every tiny piece of information from the Japanese giant.

Initially thought to be someone’s feverish demand to announce a new Nintendo Direct, Twitter user @CreatorFm exclaimed, “THIS IS ANNOUNCEMENT BECAUSE SOMEONE WANTS NINTENDO DIRECT.”

The account that posts more… uh… drawings of anthropomorphic Pok√©mon having special hugs got over 16,000 likes, it seemed so unbelievably likely.

However, a search for the advertised video shows something different. This is actually a link to a year-old video from YouTuber PooruBoy, which itself mimics the reaction of Nintendo fanatics (including some very heartfelt language) when the game company stays silent for too long, which has been exacerbated during the pandemic as video game release schedules have become more tense.


No, it’s a lot. Yes, it’s Doug Bowser’s face superimposed on the man he’s strangling. Indeed, this is clearly a reaction to last year when Nintendo announced the Direct, but it turned out to be an indie and not the AAA news that everyone was craving.

The feeling is in the air again. There was a Direct last month, but more of a “Mini: Partner Showcase” than anything offering new Nintendo news. Given that everyone is craving a new look at Breath of the Wild 2a hint that one day it might be Metroid Prime remake or sequel, or news of what’s to come Mario continuation of the game in the open world Bowser’s Fury, it meant nothing. A month before we were offered the Indie World Showcase, and then you have to Journey back to February before you have your last full Nintendo Direct.

So why did PooruBoy advertise his video this week? Are they starting to get nervous about it again? We have of course contacted to find out and will let you know if we get a response.

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