GTA Online’s latest new mission is actually awful

A robot in a dark room stands motionless in the light of a large flashlight.

Screenshot: Rockstar Games / Kotaku

Earlier this week, Rockstar released mass free update for Grand Theft Auto Online. For the most part, it was focused on improving and expanding what was already in the game. But the update also included a new series of missions involving covert government operations and conspiracies, and this new campaign ends up being easy GTA Onlinethe most terrifying mission that surprised many unsuspecting players.

GTA OnlineLast update, “Criminal enterprises”, was important, helping to make the game more modern, as well as making it easier (and more fun) to earn in-game money. It’s a solid upgrade, even nerf of the legendary jet bike OP and adding the ability to run in the casino. Bye he added a really crappy semi-automatic rifle what no one likes is a little flash in a great patch.

Also added is a new campaign consisting of multiple missions featuring the IAA (GTAversion of the CIA) is fighting to stop a wealthy family from controlling the price of oil on the planet. Don’t trust them too much as they want to use the technology the family uses so they can control the prices themselves.

But what I and many others didn’t expect is that this spy thriller full of car chases and gunfights will end with a spooky horror game-like mission that is truly frightening and unsettling. I don’t want to spoil for those who haven’t played yet, so spoiler alert!

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In the final mission, the IAA sends you to the bunker last seen in “Doomsday HeistUpdate. Turns out the super AI developed and hosted here wasn’t completely erased by the authorities when you raided the place, and that’s how a wealthy family was able to control oil prices – using a copy of that AI. (Just nod your head and pretend to it makes sense…) Inside the bunker, the electricity is turned off, and “sleeping” robots with human faces are hiding in the corridors and around the corners. These are the juggernauts from doomsdayand they were left hibernating here because apparently the IAA is really bad at handling their messes.

These dormant masses seem to breathe, or at least make a breath-like sound. When you walk in the dark, relying on a flashlight, these things will make other sounds and even twitch from time to time. I even swear one of them was moving when I wasn’t looking. Rockstar has also made sure to place these fearsome juggernauts in specific locations where you’ll run into them or hear them while you’re investigating something else looking for fuses to turn the power back on.

A first-person screenshot shows the player crawling down a dark hallway with a gun and a flashlight.

Screenshot: Rockstar Games / Kotaku

I won’t give any rewards for guessing what happens when you turn the power back on and start hacking into this place: Shocker, all those creepy robot bastards are waking up and starting to come after you. But after sneaking past them for 20 minutes or so in the dark, you at least know how long they’re waiting for and how long you have to go to get out of the bunker. Luckily, I had my giant laser Gatling gun with me, and quickly dispatched everyone before escaping and completing the mission.

Like me, other players jumping into this last mission had no idea what to expect and many shared stories online from how scary it was, with one player suggesting that they would now have trouble sleeping. Others have shared how tense they felt crawling in the darkwhile trying to avoid the robots for fear that the touch will activate the nasty buggers. It should also be noted that you have to find one of the fuses hidden behind broken boxeswhich is a very unusual game mechanic for GTA Online mission. Many players report spending a lot of time just crawling through dark corridors, desperately trying to find the last fuse to avoid the nightmare.

I love it when Rockstar is experimenting and getting creative. GTA Online missions. Nearly a decade after its release, it’s a bit boring to drive around and just shoot a few people. Random ending things with Slender man-like experiences are not only fun, but also a great way to keep the game feeling fresh after all these years. More on this in the future, Rockstar.

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