GameStop NFT marketplace made a whopping $45,000 on its first day

The screenshot shows one of the GameStop-branded NFTs celebrating the launch of the marketplace.

Screenshot: GameStop / Kotaku

What’s darker? This is GameStop downsized to cut costs right before the launch of the NFT marketplace, or that the NFT marketplace that the company spent millions on only made about $44,500 on its big debut? For those keeping score at home, that’s less than the price of a new truck.

game stop new crypto store shows rolling NFT sales statistics and transparently charges a total fee of 2.25%. While we don’t know the total overhead or initial investment, this information is enough to get a rough idea of ​​how much the store makes each day, and so far it’s almost nothing. As Ars Technique reports, sales for the first day were 1835 Ethereum, or about $1.98 million in real money. This equates to GameStop’s estimated commissions of $44,500, or roughly 0.27 percent of its daily net sales in 2021.

To keep the reckoning going, GameStop had 4,816 stores worldwide at the start of 2021. Dividing daily net receipts by this number means approximately $3,426 in business at each store each day. Opening an NFT marketplace was like opening a dozen more GameStop stores, but with the bonus of not having to hire employees. any low-paid hourly workers.

The screenshot shows the sales of the top five NFT collections on the GameStop marketplace in the last 24 hours.

The MetaBoy NFT Collection is responsible for most of the sales on the GameStop NFT marketplace in the last 24 hours.
Screenshot: GameStop / Kotaku

As the market draws to a close on its second day of operation, there has only been about $823,484 in additional sales, or roughly $18,578 in additional commissions. While it’s too early to tell if things are already slowing down after the hype of the first day, they don’t seem to be speeding up. As Ars Technique indicates that the NFT market as a whole fell sharply over the past six months, with daily sales on popular platforms like OpenSea down 90%.

But GameStop meme stock enthusiasts see only positives, and are already talking about exponential growth potential and new lucrative fee structures associated with GameStop’s own NFT wallet. Others have become obsessed with Easter eggs embedded in one of GameStop’s own NFTs.

A non-sales launch themed NFT that starts with a loading screen that eventually turns into an arcade machine. GameStonks fans found a link to a secret file in the metadata and found that the input classic Konami cheat code will result in a rocket ship animation and then an ASCII skull. Now in this rabbit hole they are analyzing a photograph of a carpet. Naturally, GameStop’s share price is up 10% this week.

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