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fishing spirits

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There is a Japanese arcade game called fishing spirits what in 2019 was ported to Switch and later released in the West as first class angler. Now it has a sequel and it’s not your usual fishing game.

Don’t think, say Sega Bass Fishing here. This is not intended as an accurate representation. sport / pastime fishing. Instead, you need to imagine that Capcom monster hunter series took control Animal Crossing aquarium.

釣りスピリッツ 釣って遊べる水族館 [Nintendo Direct mini ソフトメーカーラインナップ 2022.6.28]

This is the debut trailer. Fishing Spirits: Fish & Play Aquariumnew game announced today in Japan.SE edition Nintendo Direct Presentation. It wasn’t mentioned in the western presentation, so maybe the game is only for Japan, but then Ace Angler’s let go, who knows.

It looks exactly like something. Sometimes you just chill, catching what seems reasonable normal fish. Another time you…pull adult great white sharks out of the water? And fighting a giant squid? And race for your life against a huge cannibal in what looks like a cartoon bloody sport?

There are also mini-games and aquarium stuff (you can keep the caught fish for yourself to inspect later).and all this Animal Crossing-Story mode related avatar style and some gacha machine elements, as well as look, I don’t know what else is hidden inside this code, but the giant ice-covered whale looks very cool.

I will say it nowI have never played games from this series and I don’t know if anyone else is here has either; I rummaged through our archives and did not find a single mention of either the arcade or Always change versions mentioned on the site. But I really want to play it, so I hope that sometime in the future it will be released in the west.

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