FFVII Remake Intergrade not available for some PS5 owners

BUT "not allowed" The sign is superimposed on the image of Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Image: Square Enix / Kotaku

Those who have PlayStation Extra or Premium membership seeks to keep abreast of events Remake of Final Fantasy VIIDLC, Intermission (god those names) might be out of luck if they get a digital version of the base Remake of Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation 4 or 5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, which packs the base game and Intermission The DLC was a surprise addition to Square Enix’s 2020 release. It included a separate new chapter in the revised story of the original. By focusing on Yuffie Kisaragi, this side story helps build her character into the narrative more organically, as she was a completely optional character and a completely unremarkable character in the original 1997 PlayStation release.

If you are a little Final Fantasy VII scholar, then you know there were some other ambitions to include her and the story of her Wutai village in the main story of the original release. FROM remake seeks to change elements of the old story, it makes sense to see additional characters such as Yuffie and the gun-wielding Vincent Valentine playing more important roles in the story. But if you have a digital copy remake on PS4 or PS5 before Interclass out, this new story content might be hard to get on a Sony subscription.

Sony’s take on the Game Pass offering formula a selection of old and newer games for subscribers brought To roamton Assassin’s Creedand very cool Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. But as reported Video game chroniclethere is a little twist: Interclassthe bundle offering that bundles the 2020 remake of the 1997 PlayStation classic is something that’s available by subscription, not Intermission, a new episode dedicated to the character of Yuffie. You cannot purchase Intermission separately for the service. What’s worse if you owned the original remake digitally, you can’t even download the full Interclass combo. In some cases you won’t be able to play Interclass in general, even if purchased, as Kotaku found.

Advertisements for PlayStation Plus games show various game covers, including Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

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Kotaku reached out to Square Enix and Sony for comment.

In its current form, attempts to download Interclass, for users with this existing predicament, when they already owned the original digitally, they encounter an error that says:

You cannot buy this item for the following reasons:
You already have the following products that conflict with the product you are trying to buy: FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE.

Reddit user bLinkbruhyen reported his experience and frustration with this complication on r/PS5.sharing their message from Square Enix, which points to nothing more than the obvious: if you have Remake of Final Fantasy VII digitally, you can’t get Interclass as part of your PlayStation subscription. A subsequent edit from PlayStation seems to suggest changes may be on the way, but nothing definitive.

As bLinkbruheyn points out in their post, they are unlikely to be the only ones to receive a digital copy. remake when it was free via PlayStation Plus last year. This is confirmed by Twitter user LasTedOnEarth, who called the situation “unfair”.

twitter user Taz_fortune also says it can’t access Interclass via Sony subscription service.

While subscription services like Xbox Game Pass have more than proven their place in today’s games, there are likely to be weird licensing issues and special rules for certain game versions. Too bad it happened to someone so popular.

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