Fans say Sonic Frontiers should look like Haste: Broken Worlds

When developer Wilhelm Nylund shared a video of what’s to come Rush: Shattered Worlds on Twitter earlier this week, it exploded almost immediately. Since then, the preview has garnered almost 1 million views, as well as thousands of retweets and likes. However, much of the ongoing conversation is about wanting Rushspeed and momentum can be replicated in a much larger game: Sound boundaries.

“Better Sonic how Sonicsaid Samuel MolinaSpanish designer currently working on star citizen at Cloud Imperium Games.

“[W]too bad indie devs are doing better [Sonic] game than the company that made [Sonic] for 31 years, another twitter user said.“but also not very surprising.”

“You made the perfect video for Sonic fans will get bored, said the third.

Rush currently under development at Landfall GamesSwedish company that created such hits as Fully accurate combat simulator as well as cluster truck. This was announced by the CEO and designer of the Nylund studio. Kotaku what Rush is a racing game in which a large group of players go through several rounds, almost like a battle royale. A video uploaded early Wednesday morning shows the first of several playable characters slated for launch.

Although Rush obviously draws more inspiration from momentum based games – think Tribes, tiny wingsas well as Counter attack surf card— Nylund understands why Sonic popped up so often in response to his videos. Sega built Blue Blur’s initial reputation on being faster than its competitors (i.e. Nintendo and its relatively slow company). Mario games), so it only makes sense Rushwhich at first glance is associated with speed, will resonate with Sonic fans.

“I definitely understand why people make comparisons,” Nylund said. Kotaku via direct message. ” Sonic the franchise seems to be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to incredibly fast running.”

as much fun as Rush looks like this answer also includes the general frustration with what we saw in Sound boundaries already. Early footage showed a mild “open areathe game that more like an asset flip of the Unreal engine than the next generation record in the usually bright Sonic franchise and subsequent showings did not decrease general indifference. With one more potential disappointment on the way, it’s only natural that fans could be desperate for something that seems to embody Sonic“must go fast” potential.

“I see these comments as a huge compliment!” Nylund said. “It’s incredible to know that we’ve made something that seems to bring people’s fantasy of speed to life so much.”

Rush: Shattered Worlds recently entered full-scale development, but Landfall Games accepting subscriptions for a future multiplayer alpha if you want to try it out soon.

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