Fans dubbed the 1986 Japanese film Super Mario Bros. into English

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It’s been ten years since we first wrote about Great mission to rescue Princess Peach!, a 1986 Japanese-only film, was the first film made about a Nintendo character. So it’s great to be able to announce in 2022 that efforts are underway again to dub the film for English speaking audiences.

Here is the summary if this is your first time hearing about this film:

The plot of the movie is pretty standard. Two plumbers (who work at a grocery store for some reason) find themselves in a video game world starring just about every bad guy you can imagine in the franchise, and have to rescue a princess (and kick Bowser’s ass) while they are there.

Fun fact: The movie foreshadows possibly Mario’s greatest boss encounter yet. Mario 64 The “grab Bowser by the tail” move actually makes its debut in great mission. It had decent animation, a good “covering all the basics” story (in terms of including all playable characters and locations), and some niche, if interesting, voice actors, including Mario. Sega Rally 2 narrator, and Luigi, oddly enough, Telemachus from Ulysses 31.

Of course, this is not the first time that English-speaking fans have tried to record their lines for this film, as copies of varying quality have been around for many years. But while previous efforts have been enthusiastic, as you can see/hear here in this trailer released by Mario Radio Showit’s really good!

Super Mario Bros. Super animated movie | Preview

Of course, this is not a Hollywood quality—whatever that means when it comes to Mario, anyway– but it’s a 1986 anime and I think the acting here is quite up to par with any other dub you’d watch from the same era.

This project includes Mario Radio Show regulars beatleboot (Princess Toadstool, Lady Bow and Junior) WintonYoung (as Mario, Luigi, King Womp, Cammy Koop and Professor Egad) and Joe Armentraut (as King Koopa, King Bob Omba and Tatanga).

Restoration work on the frames themselves was carried out Kineko Video (who released a version on YouTube earlier this year), while Ian is also responsible for the project’s music, which, like the voice acting, has also been remastered into English.

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