Fall Guys is hotter than ever, now that it’s free to play

Bobs race down the track in Fall Guys.

Screenshot: mediatonic

You may have seen some recent social media posts, usually associated with serious multiplayer shooters, about the “skill gap” – the general disparity in ability between professional players and casual fans in a given game.

In competitive multiplayer games, pay attention to the “skill gap”. Let’s say someone who has never played games before can push a few buttons and beat the best player on the field. It’s a small gap in skills, and it’s not interesting to watch. But watching a game with a high skill gap is like watching an Olympic sport, watching the pros perform amazing ballet moves, and it all looks like a piece of cake. You hear about the “skill gap” all the time in conversations about high-level play for games like Halo as well as Call of Duty.

But not at this time. No, this time the game that everyone is obsessed with autumn boys, a two-year-old platformer-royal that’s having a hell of a second wind right now, in part because it’s a joy to watch. Turns out, autumn boysdespite his excessive stupidity and Party Mario– Inspired by jokes, seems to have a ridiculously high skill gap.

It’s not often that a game conquers the world twice. British studio Mediatonic first released autumn boys for PlayStation 4 and PC in August 2020, its pastel visuals and sense of connection (60 players at once!) proved to be a social balm in the darkest days of the pandemic. The community thrived, thanks in part to the hype generated by unconventional advertising campaign on Twitch. But it was also really simple. fun: Each round is a series of original mini-games in which the number of players is gradually reduced until one winner remains.

March 2021 Epic Games acquired Mediatonic. autumn boys arrived on Xbox and Switch last month. At the same time, following in the footsteps rocket league– another multiplayer game developed by the studio, which was bought by Epic after the rapid hype –autumn boys fully embraced the free-to-play model.

The move to free-to-play has been a huge boon for autumn boysif you can ignore server issues on launch day. Last week, Mediatonic said autumn boys was played 50 million people since it became free. (Some of the biggest free shooters in the world like Fortnite as well as Apex Legends, set records about 70 million unique players per month. estimates action-RPG binding Genshin Impact just under 65 million.)

This brings us to autumn boysAn emerging skills gap. With such a large player base, some people are bound to become mind-blowingly good at the game, well ahead of the average player. One such clip, which goes around and around (7 million views and growing as of this writing), shows the player flawlessly completing one of the game’s races. It was first shared yesterday morning by a user Modern Warzonepopular Call of Duty fan account that joked that “autumn boys the skill gap is higher” than Activision’s “battle royale”:

The clip alone elicited confused reactions from some of the biggest names in competitive esports. “I was clearly playing the wrong game [skull emoji]” Alex “Sheway” Hopefamous Halo esports analyst and commentator, said on twitter. “Bruh god no video game is going to be just casual anymore wtf [face with tears of joy emoji]” Jake Luckypopular esports commentator, said on twitter.

This is just one example of a miniature cottage production of attention where autumn boys players share impressive gameplay clips, which then rack up hundreds of thousands of views (or more). Some have demonstrated “skill jumps” where players use unauthorized but physically passable paths through multiplayer stages:

Others brag about their 50th straight win, which is further proof that autumn boys has a legitimate skill gap and is not based on luck:

Oh yes, and if you still don’t believe in a sudden and undeniable second wave of dominance in the game, here’s the thing: clones, the ultimate seal of capitalism’s true success. Nintendo has Kirby’s Dream Buffet in the works announced yesterday and is slated for release on Switch this summer. (Obviously the development Kirby’s Dream Buffet was in place long before autumn boys switched to the free model last month.) Literally this week stumble gamethe clone is so shameless that he will definitely take DMCA out of the sky, topped the iPhone charts.

Damn, I’m definitely reloading autumn boys tonight, right?

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