Elden Ring players blow themselves up for kills in PvP

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The general strategy that appeared in ancient ring In competitive multiplayer, over the past two weeks, the Tarnished have been sacrificing their bodies to destroy their enemies.

Bye ancient ring apparently has a wide variety of weapons and spells to take down opponents, some of the game’s most devious online invaders instead choose to go out in a blaze of glory if that means a kill or two. I doubt that even the most powerful synergy in ancient ring have offensive power to reliably destroy three human enemies at the same time. And if those combinations exist, they still can’t be as funny as the clip below (h/t Highlight Chris Person from Reel).

All of this is made possible by an item known as the Infusion of Miraculous Medicine, which can be found after a short journey north of ancient ringoriginal location. Unlike flasks of Crimson and Azure Tears, which restore health and magicka, this special single-use consumable can be customized at checkpoints to gain various benefits. It’s like your own portable Coca-Cola Freestyle a machine limited only by the specific tears you stumble upon throughout the game.

Want to boost your faith quickly? Throw a Crystal Tear of the Knot of Faith into your flask of miraculous medicine and take a sip right before the battle to make your spells more effective. Or maybe I can interest you in Crimson Bubble Bubble’s ability to convert incoming magical damage into health? However, when it comes to blowing yourself up, look no further than Torn Crystal Tear. And unlike the vast majority of its counterparts, it has a double which means you can equip both for an even bigger arrow.

Things start to get really crazy when you combine an Infusion of Miraculous Medicine, enhanced by two Torn Crystal Tears, with other gear.

In the first video of this story ancient ring Player Solid Hitoshi backed up his burst with Royal Knight Resolve (a skill that increases your damage) and then used Bloodhound Step (a fast-moving, near-invisible dodge maneuver) to quickly position his Tarnished between three marks, earning a hat-trick in the blink of an eye. JellyDiscrete, on the other hand, demonstrated how the gravity force of Starscourge greatswords (massive weapons made from Starscourge Radan‘s soul) can be used to lure unsuspecting enemies into range before going wild.

ancient ringfor all its brooding vibe, it also manages to be one of the most fun games in recent times thanks to that kind of player interaction.

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