Duke Nukem movie in development from Cobra Kai producers

Duke Nukem stands on a pile of bodies and fires two large guns at invisible enemies.

Image: Gearbox / 3D worlds

I don’t want to spoil your Friday when the weekend starts, but I bring disturbing news from Hollywird Country. It seems the creative people are behind Cobra Kai, Karate kid revival, decided to make a feature film based on the character of the first-person shooter Duke Nyukem, once popular in the 90s. 2022 continues to be a strange year.

Hollywood Reporter this is … reporting what Legendary Entertainment has licensed Duke Nukem The film rights to the franchise are owned by Gearbox, and now it plans to make a new movie with the character. According to the publication, this new project will be produced Cobra Kai created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.

Jean-Julien Baronnet, who previously worked on the film adaptation Assassin’s Creed, also produces Marla Studios, a company that specializes in video game adaptations.

3D Realms (then known as Apogee Software) released the first game in Duke Nukem series in 1991. It wasn’t until 1996, however, with the launch of the critically acclaimed Duke Nukem 3Dthat the franchise has become a household name. (Well, at least among nerdy households.) This popularity largely depends on interactivity. Duke Nukem 3D was full of innovative touches at the time, such as working light switches, flush toilets, and imitation mirrors. And of course, I think some people liked the main character, Duke Nukemeven if all of his famous catchphrases are simply stolen from popular movie characters.

After 3D and some expansions, the brand remained largely dormant until 2011 when long awaited sequel, Duke Nukem foreverfinally saw the release. it sucks. And since then the future Duke Nukem since a franchise seemed… unlikely.

It’s not the first time Duke Nukem the film was in development. Hollywood Reporter notes that Paramount worked on Duke Nukem project starring John Cena for several years now. Imagine that you are living in this timeline. While this project may also fail, it has a much better chance as Hollywood has become much more interested in pumping films and series based on famous video games.

The gearbox, when we got to it, had no additional comments.

No writer or director has yet been chosen and forced at gunpoint to join an ongoing project and breathe life into Duke Nukem. This means we still have time. We can stop this.

I think there might be a way to make it funny, maybe even “good” Duke Nukem movie. It all started with the fact that he was a complete loser who had one big moment when he saved the world back in the 90s and who lived for the last 30 years. But to get the rest of this story, you need to hire me to write a special script.

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