Dragon Ball Z Horror Game will be released in October, Frieza could also be bi

Does a nice little run to piss you off.
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Today Bandai Namco unveiled a trailer with a release date for their Dragon Ball meets Dead by daylight the game Dragon Ball: Destroyers, showcasing many daring ways to escape the dastardly villain Frieza.

Dragon Ball: Destroyers scheduled to release on October 14 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Players can register on upcoming closed network testwhich runs from August 5 to 6, where you can play as Raider Frieza and Cell (remember the hunters in Dead by daylight) or like surviving Oolong and Bulma now.

Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball: Destroyers is a multiplayer action survival game in which, unlike the power fantasy that characterizes most Dragon Ball games like Budokai series or Goku’s legacy Game Boy games where you shoot poor squirrels and snakes for experience points – you take on the role of a civilian on the run from the main villains of the Frieza series, Cell. and Majin Buu.

In the game, seven players named “Survivors” are mysteriously placed in an area called “Temporal Seam”. The eighth player acts as a “raider” tasked with hunting down the survivors as the series’ iconic villains before they can reach the Super Time Machine and escape. As a raider, you gain powers throughout the match until you reach your ultimate unstoppable killing machine form. The survivors, in turn, must cooperate at all costs and avoid destruction by the raiders.

Now, I’m assuming you’re still reading this to try and figure out why the hell I chose this title. Buckle up, I’ll explain. As shown in the trailer, smoke bombs, flying drones, Tien solar flare technologyik, and even dragon balls are fair game to get away from the raiders. But the most bizarre escape tactic Dragon BallA bold attempt by Bulma to flirt with Frieza’s second form – and it worked.

Dragon Ball fans know that Bulma is notorious for trying to tone down villains in order to become an ally of the Z-fighter. Look no further than her future husband Vegeta. But it’s not about her. Besides being a deep reference to what Bulma is trying to catch the valuable four-star dragon ball Goku and later failure Dragon Balleffects of Bulma’s flirting technique Destroyers almost confirms that Frieza is bisexual. It’s hard to believe, I know. But follow my logic here. I have receipts.


You see, in story mode for Dragon Ball SlayerZ, the space titan passes to Bulma’s then-boyfriend Yamcha, calling him “handsome”. To each his own. Of course, it won’t be long before Frieza and the rest of the villains roast Yamcha for being notorious L-holder series. See, proof (please clap)

Anyonebesides being a refreshing take on the games about Akira Toriyama’s popular shonen series, Dragon Ball: Destroyers now serves as yet another example of Frieza committing wrongdoing among gay men across the galaxy. To your health.

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